What Are "Gym Lips" & Why Is BeautyTok So Obsessed With Them?

Here’s the tea on the no-makeup makeup trend taking over the viral platform.

Gym lips are the latest TikTok beauty trend. Part of the clean girl aesthetic, it's actually an easy...

Whether you’re a total gym bunny or not, TikTok’s latest beauty trend — aptly named “gym lips” — is less about working out, and more about how to achieve the perfect no-makeup makeup lip look in just two easy steps ...

Candidly coined by NYC-based makeup artist, TikToker, and influencer, Kelli Anne Sewell, in one of her more recent videos, the gym lip technique has quickly caught like wild fire, prompting a storm of beauty lovers to adopt the hack for themselves. In short? Sewell discovered that if you slightly overline your pout with a lip liner shade that’s a close match to your natural hue (and then completely fill them in with the same color), you could then top them with either a clear plumping lip gloss or your favorite colorless lip care product for the perfect pouty lip. While it’s not necessarily groundbreaking, the final result is so undetectably natural, that of course, it doesn’t seem out of place when working out at the gym, or with little-to-no makeup on.

In one of her recent TikTok videos, she speaks on the trend: “Y’all are loving it because everyone has these products at home, and it’s just about picking a lip liner that is actually similar to your lip color — not something darker, not something lighter — just similar to your lip color, and then a lip mask.”

In both fashion and beauty, the ever-popular clean girl aesthetic is reigning over the more full-glam approach to beauty, and gym lips is another example of that simplistic minimalism (that’s also super easy to achieve).

Below, Bustle gathered some gym lip combos you’ll love (though, odds are, you have everything you need already in your makeup collection).

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