9 Shell Pieces & Scalloped Edges To Decorate Your Home

Bring the seaside indoors.

For over a year now, many of us have longed to be at the seaside on holiday. We’ve understandably missed the feeling of wandering along a beach, feeling the heat beneath our feet as we cross the white sand and hunt for pretty shells as we go. It’s still unclear when holidays abroad will become the ‘norm’ again, but until then, you can always bring the beach to you with these interior shell pieces and scalloped edges homeware.

Shell designs make up one of the cutest interiors trends this year, and they don’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon, as we continue to long for that sea and sun feeling. The good news is that you can incorporate this trend into your home any way you like, from bigger pieces of furniture to small details.

For example, scalloped chairs have been huge for a while now, and I’ve found one that won’t break the bank. Scalloped kitchenware is also fairly easy to come by, with some great dining sets and kitchen necessities around. Then there’s the more artsy pieces you will find, such as shell prints, decorated lamps and candles, and cool vases. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s something that’ll catch your eye in this edit.