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Sydney’s Bandanas Are The Star Of The Bear Season 3

These six styles — featuring abstract faces, fungi, and florals — are available to buy.

Want to buy Sydney's bandanas and scarfs from The Bear? You're in luck.
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Sorry, Chef. The Bear’s third season has entranced audiences with its high-stress kitchen drama, star-studded guest cameos, and, well, Jeremy Allen White. But no one stole the show quite like Sydney Adamu and her bandanas.

Over 10 episodes, Sydney (played by Ayo Edebiri) proved the power of a good accessory. Anyone who’s ever had to wear a uniform knows how difficult it is to assert personal style in a homogenous outfit. But Sydney inserted her moods and interests into her boxy chef’s outfit thanks to her maximalist, printed bandanas, which had patterns ranging from mushrooms to the night skies.

Sydney’s accessorizing wasn’t just a matter of being well-dressed; it was also her way of finding control in a hyper-stressful, dysfunctional environment.

In a 2022 interview with Vulture, costume designer Courtney Wheeler said, “The choice of picking out a bandana for the day is what makes Sydney feel good because she constantly feels at the mercy of the world.” She shared that she pre-selected three to four styles to film, but it was ultimately up to Edebiri to choose what she felt matched the scene.

Ahead, we rounded up six of Sydney’s best scarves and where to shop them. Rock these styles anytime — no kitchen dysfunction necessary.

Sydney’s Seafood-Inspired Scarf


Even though Sydney works at a restaurant named Beef, her bandanas have been pretty fishy for a while. In Season 1, she wore one covered in trout. In the fifth episode of Season 3, she wore a scarf covered in fishing hooks. (The latter is from The Printed Image, a Sydney go-to, and retails for $9.)

Her Grocerycore Mushrooms


Given Sydney’s enviable bandana options, she rarely has to repeat a style. There is one, however, that she’s worn since Season 1: a bright red square covered in mushrooms. Her affinity for the fungi-inspired option tracks — she is a chef, after all.

Sydney brought back the scarlet style from One Ear Brand in Season 3, Episode 1. Preorder it in your color of choice for $64.

The Allover Florals


While Sydney often prefers whimsical, kooky patterns, the sous-chef went with a floral design in Episode 4. Created by Kapital, the multi-colored bandana is designed and milled in Japan. Unfortunately, Sydney’s exact color is sold out, but a light blue iteration is still available for $45.

Fit For A Museum


In Episode 3, the restaurant’s kitchen was a de facto runway for Sydney, who wore not one, but three different bandanas. One, in particular, was especially artsy.

A $50 style by ELOI, the teal headpiece titled “Narcissus” was covered in several faces with oversized features. A food virtuoso rocking an artsy bandana? Yes, chef.

Black & White


Sydney’s black-and-white checkered bandana was one of her more muted styles. The $75 World of Crow piece also made its debut in Episode 3.

Look To The Stars


While it’s unclear is Sydney follows astrology, she’s definitely a fan of the stars. Sydney’s third handkerchief in Episode 3 was a black pocket square covered in zodiac signs and their corresponding constellations. Like the fish hook option, this is also from Printed Image and retails for $9.