Puzzle Pieces, Fractions, & 24 Other Genius Sibling Tattoo Ideas

Symbolize your special relationship.

by Summer Arlexis and Shea Simmons
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26 sibling tattoo ideas to symbolize your special relationship.
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You've shared clothing with your brothers and sisters, a room together during your childhood, and everything in between. To commemorate your special relationship, you can also share matching sibling tattoos. Sure, there was that one time your brother snapped the head off of your Malibu Barbie (RIP to all Barbs). And your sisters tried to cover your face in mom's makeup while you were napping on the sofa (sorry bro). Still, even if you can't live with your siblings, you sure as hell can't live without them.

What better way to show your sibling love than with some fresh matching ink? It's guaranteed to be certified mom approved; I mean, she can't be mad when you tell her it's your way of bonding, right? Whether subtle micro tattoos suit your fancy or you're ready to splurge on a creative back piece, a tat with your siblings will always be special. Even celebrities have them. Miley Cyrus has a compass tattoo with each direction corresponding to a different brother and sister. Harry Styles has a gem cookie on his arm that's said to be in honor of his sister Gemma. And two of the most famous siblings in the world — Tia and Tamara Mowry — have matching wrist tattoos.

If you and your brother or sister are BFFs and you're looking for meaningful sibling tattoos to show your special love, here are 26 sibling tattoo ideas to serve as inspiration.

1. Firstborn To Lastborn

Show who's the boss, the baby, and the middle child of the bunch with number order tats.

2. Full Deck

If you go with card symbols, you'll separately be one of a kind — but together, you and your siblings will make a full deck.

3. Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces may be a little cliché, but they're great as symbols for siblings if you're looking for a small but meaningful tattoo design.

4. Interconnectedness

Try capturing your unbroken sibling bond with a Celtic knot, which symbolizes an infinite relationship.

5. Matching Script

Summarize your love for one another in three words or less. Even better? Ask your parents to write out the script. I can basically guarantee they'll tear up.

6. Color-Coordinated

Color-coordinated tattoos like this adorable pair of cartoon characters are a cute way to represent your siblings.

7. Initials

If you're not big on huge, attention-grabbing tats, keep it simple by putting all of your initials in a discrete location.

8. Animals

Have several siblings? Represent them with animals. This dancing groups of cats work to symbolize each different brother or sister.

9. Split Pairings

If you're not into matching tattoos, pieces of ink that split one image could be the way to go. This lion art features a clearly coordinated design but with a unique version for each person.

10. Minimalist

If you love the micro-tattoo trend, a small piece of body art can still honor your family. This set of three doves is a delicate bit of ink that's perfect as a meaningful minimalist design.

11. Family Tree

This clever family tree tattoo is a great style that works as a single piece or a coordinated design between siblings. Customize in in various ways, such as using birth years of each brother and sister within the timeline.

12. Botanicals

Those who love the looks of botanicals like ivy and leaf designs will appreciate these matching olive branches shared among siblings.

13. Portraits

You probably don't want your siblings' actual faces on your body, but that doesn't mean you can't get a portrait-inspired piece. This abstract recreation of a family photo is the perfect example.

14. Birth Order

This geometric piece features different triangles that are filled in with different colors to represent birth orders of your family.

15. Pop Culture

If you grew up watching a cartoon or a certain show with your brother or sister, go with a pop culture-inspired design to represent your relationship — like this cute Bart and Lisa Simpson ink.

16. Compass

Miley Cyrus has a compass tattoo that symbolizes her love of her siblings, and it makes for a simple but meaningful design.

17. Dates

Lucy Hale's date tattoos are actually the birth years of her nieces and nephew, and you can easily copy this to represent your siblings' birthdays.

18. Pinky Promise

If you do want to get matching ink, consider a pinky promise design. Though it's often used among friends, it also works as a subtle and cute symbol for siblings.

19. Script

If you love fine line script tattoos, this "big sis" and "little sis" ink is subtle, minimal, and elegant.

20. Celestial

Celestial images are a popular tattoo trend that can translate into sibling ink. This design features a moon, sun, and star with one colored in to represent each member of the family.

21. Fractions

If you're one of several brothers and sisters, a fraction tattoo is one way to go. Whether you're the first born or last, these designs are a sweet symbol that can rep your special relationship.

22. Favorite Quote

Show off your love of all things Harry Potter and your siblings at the same time with favorite movie quotes.

23. Trinity Knot

Another symbol for siblings is the Trinity knot, which can represent the unity of your brother or sister.

24. Roman Numerals

Whether it's your birthdays or a special date of a shared memory, roman numerals will give you all some classic-looking and meaningful body art.

25. Birth Lines

A more abstract take on sibling tattoos? Use distinct bands to represent your birth order.

26. Heritage

If there's one thing you all have in common, it's your heritage. Put it on display for the world with a tat that represents your shared culture.

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