14 Spine Tattoos That Will Give You Ink Envy

I feel like I'm going to put "staring at people's tattoos on the internet" under hobbies on my resume, because the obsession has become so real that I have wiled away hours of my life staring at them. I don't have any tattoos myself, so maybe it's just FOMO, but damn. People have some mighty impressive ink. Lately I've been gaping at micro tattoos and rib cage tattoos, but my obsession of the day are spine tattoos, which I've heard are as painful as they are sleek.

It's not uncommon knowledge that spine tattoos hurt like a mofo, so I'm sure that's why a lot of people are discouraged from getting them. Plus, it's a pretty huge commitment to get a tattoo all the way down the length of your spine—that's a lot of pain to endure in one sitting. But I'm sure it's totally worth it for these people when they get to drop jaws on beach trips or wearing backless dresses. Seriously, round of applause for these people who have way more of a pain tolerance than the rest of their species. If you want some inspiration, or simply want to drool with me, here are some classy spine tattoos to obsess over:

1. Unconquerable

2. Planets aligned

3. Silhouette

4. Persevere

5. Yin and yang

6. Compass

7. Follow your arrow

8. Ribbons

9. Initials

10. Moon phases

11. Stars

12. Dream catcher

13. Seams

14. In bloom

Image: fleurjosten/Instagram