The 4 Best Blackhead Remover Vacuums

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If you want to get rid of blackheads but treatments like exfoliation, steam, or pore strips, aren't doing the trick, using one of the best blackhead remover vacuums might be the answer. These increasingly popular beauty tools use gentle suction to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other unwanted material on your skin.

According to Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, in an interview with Elle, blackhead remover vacuums could be an effective treatment. For the best results, steam your face first (a bowl of hot water works well) or apply a hot towel for 10 minutes or so. Dr. Lee also points out that it’s important to be aware of the vacuum's strength before use. “If the suction is too high, it's like giving yourself a hickey. You can get bruises from it... It's called telangiectasia,” explained Dr. Lee in that interview. So start on the lowest suction and gradually move up based on your needs and sensitivity. It's also smart to test it on your arm or hand first before applying it to your face.

When you’re shopping for a blackhead remover vacuum, look for ones with multiple tips sizes to suit your skin. For some units, choosing your nozzle lets you use smaller ones for eliminating tiny blackheads and larger attachments for spot treating big clogs or clusters. Other features that can be nice to have include being able to choose the intensity of the suction, which will make it easier to remove those stubborn blackheads without bruising, and light therapy options. Pore vacuums with microdermabrasion features are also great for overall exfoliation.

To make picking a tool easier, I put together a roundup of the best blackhead remover vacuums on Amazon — and some are even less than $35.

In a hurry? Here are the best blackhead remover vacuums:

1. The Overall Best: XIKEO Blackhead Remover Vacuum

2. The Best Budget Buy: Alin&Alan Blackhead Remover Vacuum

3. The Best Blackhead Vacuum/Microdermabrasion Tool: Microderm GLO MINI Diamond Microdermabrasion and Suction Tool

4. Best Pro-Quality Tool: PMD Personal Microderm Classic


The Overall Best Blackhead Remover Vacuum

This blackhead remover vacuum is a customer favorite on Amazon, with more than 3,000 reviews. This pore vacuum features five adjustable suction levels designed for a range of skin types and concerns, from sensitive skin to pore shrinking. There are also four replacement suction heads.

While it's less than $30, it still offers two light therapy options (red and blue) designed to shrink pores and get a deeper clean. It’s also wireless, making it easy to handle and it can be charged quickly via USB.

What fans say: “I love this! I’ve always struggled with blackheads because my skin is so oily. I used this right after the shower and it works great! My nose has never looked so clean! I used the large round headboard first. It works well in the lowest setting but it does scrape the skin. I then used the oval head and it worked really well on the hard to reach corners of the nose and on more sensitive skin. My face was really red afterwards but I put on some jojoba oil and vitamin C serum afterwards. The next morning the redness went down tremendously. Excellent product I will add to my regular skin routine."


The Best Budget Blackhead Remover

This blackhead removal tool is a great choice if you're looking to spend less than $20. This blackhead vacuum has four nozzles to help to remove blackheads and reduce acne. While it doesn't include a light therapy option or microdermabrasion, many customers have found that this rechargeable, wireless design gets the job done. It has five suction levels and an easy-to-read digital display.

What fans say: "I never realized how clogged my pores were until I tried this! It comes with multiple suction heads for different parts of your face. It is very easy to use.It has 5 power settings, 1 being the smallest suction and 5 taking it to the extreme. I used it once today and 2 was more than enough for my sensitive skin. Right now I'm red but those shows me that this is working.. It's working very good might I add."


The Best Blackhead Vacuum With Microdermabrasion

If you want to brighten your complexion while removing blackheads, the Microderm GLO MINI microdermabrasion tool is a good option. This rechargeable, wireless beauty tool combines exfoliating microdermabrasion with suction to help shrink pores and smooth skin. Many users have even reported visible results after just one treatment.

It offers two levels of suction, and unlike some cheaper units, uses replaceable filters (20 are included in the kit). Also included are two exfoliating diamond tips, two blackhead removing tips, a cleaning brush, and a carrying pouch.

What fans say: “After a lot of product researching, I decided to purchase this product. [...] I have only tried it twice since its arrival, however, after the 2nd use, a large acne spot, under the skin, on my cheek that I have been trying to get rid of for 2 years now...finally opened up and has started healing properly. Thank goodness! I am already noticing smaller pores around my nose/cheek area. After using the microderm and the included serum, my skin super soft. It's amazing. I have tried many creams, products, etc. thru the years that never worked for me. [...] This has been one of the best purchases I have made, period!"


The Best Pro-Quality Tool

If you have sensitive skin, or are looking for the type of tool pros use, consider the cult-favorite PMD personal microderm tool. This microdermabrasion tool is designed to treat all skin types, and it's an especially good choice for those with sensitivities to harsh treatments because of the eight discs it comes with ranging from ultra-sensitive to very intense. The spinning disc removes dead skin cells as the the suction gives it a boost for a deeper clean that helps with blackheads and more. While you have to spend a little more to get suction control that only comes with the PRO model, this tried-and-true unit is a great choice for exfoliation and a revitalized glow.

What fans say: “I am so happy with this purchase. I saw results after just the first use, my complexion was so smooth and brightened. The dark marks are trying to lighten (which I definitely need), my pores are definitely smaller and my face feels so soft and smooth! [...]"