The 5 Best Eyeliners For Oily Lids

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Oily eyelids can be the scourge of anyone looking to pull off a serious liner look. When your lids are oily, it can make your makeup slip, slide, and smudge. But that doesn't mean you can't achieve a sharp cat eye look. You just need to discover the best eyeliners for oily lids — because yes, they exist!

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can really do about oily eyelids. Like your skin type, how oily your lids are has everything to do with your body composition and not much else. Folks with grease on the lids just have more oil-producing glands on that part of their face — and that's totally normal.

The easiest way to cut this problem off at the knees is to invest in a good eye primer to pop on before you apply shadow or liner. That way, you're ensuring that things stick instead of slide.

But when it comes to liner specifically, look for smudge-proof and/or waterproof formulas. Liquids and powders also tend to be more budge-proof than regular pencil liners for two different reasons. Liquids dry down and stick to the lid, and powders soak up oil, helping them to stick better, too.

Ahead, we're listing off the best eyeliners for oily lids. Don't let biology keep you from that killer smoky eye!


An Eye Pencil That Won't Budge

If you're more into pencils than liquids or powders, then reach for Covergirl’s Ink It pencil. It’s a gel that’s actually in pencil form, which gives you much more control and flexibility. It glides on in an easy line, allowing you to create some gorgeous eyeliner looks, and it’s fade-resistant. Of course, the kicker: Reviewers swear by this pick’s smudge-proof staying power — even if you have oily skin

A reviewer wrote: “One of the best I’ve used! I have oily eye lids and this eye liner lasts and it's actually waterproof!”


A Liquid Eyeliner With A Cult Following

It's impossible to talk about budge-proof liners without giving a shout out to Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner. This pen has a serious fan following — and for good reason. It has a super thin tip, which means you can draw precise lines for your cat eyes and more simple liner looks. Stila's liner also dries down incredibly quickly, which is helpful for folks with oily eyes, since the grease on your lids has zero time to mess with your perfect line. The formula is also guaranteed not to smudge or run all day long and is backed up by thousands of customer reviews. Liquid liner fans, meet your new favorite tool.

A reviewer wrote: “This product lives up to its acclaim. I have oily skin, especially oily eyelids; I have been using it for a couple of weeks and it works great! No more raccoon eyes!”


A Liner For The Perfect Smoky Eye

Love a good smoky eye? Then say hello to this jumbo eyeliner crayon by NYX. The thick tip on this liner may seem like a total no-no for those with oily lids, but never fear — a quick scan of reviewer feedback proves this pick is up to the task. The thick tip is ideal for creating a sultry smoky eye — and your oily eyelids can actually help. Since they're well-moisturized, it's easier to blend and smudge pigment into a soft, diffused look. Once it dries, though, it stays put, so your eye makeup won't go from a soft billow to a huge cloud of smoke.

A reviewer wrote: “This is the most amazing product in the world! [...] I have oily eyelids, so less is more. It really goes a long way”


An Amazing Buy If You Love Gel Liner

Gel eyeliners are a great option for people who love to go over the top, and no gel liner is better than Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. Not only is the price right, but the jar comes with its own brush for you to sketch on everything from a teeny kitten eye to a huge cat eye. The formula was specifically made to last 24 hours and is dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested — so there's no nasty stuff to irritate your eyes. It's also formulated for contact lens wearers, so you can sport your favorite eye makeup look no matter what.

A reviewer wrote: “This is the only eye liner I will ever use everyday! It don't smudge or run easily! I have oily face and eyes, yet, this product stays!”


A Go-To Japanese Beauty Buy

Japanese Beauty isn't just about skin care, and Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is proof of that. Not only does it sketch on a gorgeous black line in just one swipe, but this stuff sticks to your lids like no other. That's because it's waterproof and specifically formulated for folks with oily lids. So no matter how much you sweat, or if you accidentally rub your eyes, this liner is guaranteed to keep on sticking to your lids all day long.

A reviewer wrote: “This is the ultimate liquid liner for someone with oily hooded lids. I've tried so many eyeliners, and they all transfer to my upper lid as the day goes on and my lids get oily. This is the first one I have tried that doesn't do that. It lasts all day and doesn't budge until I take it off.”