These 5 Unscented Bath Bombs Are Perfect For Sensitive Skin

by Lisa Fogarty

When you have sensitive skin, it can sometimes feel like you've been left out of an exclusive club — one inhabited by people who can toss sweet-smelling bath bombs into their baths with abandon. Instead of wishing for skin you don't have, fragrance-free bath bombs for sensitive skin have been designed with you and your delicate skin in mind. Because just because you can't expose your skin to the dyes in crazy amazing unicorn bath bombs does not mean you have to miss out on all of the fizzy fun.

We love bath bombs because they're conveniently packaged like portable blocks (and hearts, flowers, moons, and every other magical shape you can dream up) and will never spill and ruin every other product in our medicine cabinets. We love bath bombs for the fizzy, fun goodness they add to our lives — which, once released into warm water, provides skin-conditioning ingredients like oils and epsom salt.

But, if you have sensitive skin, that's kind of where the bath bomb love ends. The dyes and fragrances present in so many bath bombs can easily irritate your skin and make it dry, itchy, and pretty much the opposite of what you'd expect and want to get out of a luxe bath treatment.

Don't lose hope: these five bath bombs are free of fragrant oils and are fun, moisturizing, and perfect for sensitive skin.


A Soothing Milk, Honey And Oatmeal Bath Bomb For Irritated Skin

Good Common Sense Milk'n Honey Oatmeal Bath Bomb, $12, Amazon

With absolutely no fragrances or colorants, this milk 'n honey bath bomb protects, cleanses, and heals sensitive skin with amazing ingredients like oatmeal, coconut oil, ylang ylang essential oil and — of course — a bit of milk and honey. Perfectly soothing for inflammation and irritated skin.


A Peppermint And Pine Bath Bomb For Headaches

Soapie Shop Peppermint and Pine Organic Bath Bomb, $8, Amazon

For those (one too many) nights when you come home from work nursing the headache of a lifetime, pop this GMO-free, vegan peppermint and pine organic bath bomb into the bath and soak your stress away. This bomb is free of fragrant oils, but rich in moisturizing argon oil and organic shea and cocoa butter, as well as detoxing sea salt and baking soda.


A Kaolin Clay Black Bath Bomb With Silver Glitter

The Bath Bomb Co. Black Bath Bomb With Silver Glitter, $10, Amazon

Not only is this black bath bomb with silver glitter beyond stunning and fun — your bath water will look like outer space! — it's also supremely nourishing for sensitive skin. Kaolin clay treats acne and exfoliates skin, epsom salts reduce inflammation and muscle aches, and baking soda and citric acid help reveal more radiant, youthful skin. Add a touch of coconut oil to moisturize skin and you've got yourself the perfect bath bomb.


Energizing Citrus Bath Bombs That Will Motivate You

Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs, $16 (Set of 2), Amazon

There are few scents more energizing than citrus — and this Beauty by Earth organic citrus bath bomb is both electrifying and healing. In addition to lemongrass and peppermint essential oils, vitamin E, organic sunflower oil and shea butter, this vegan, cruelty-free bomb will also exfoliate and detox skin with Dead Sea salt, epsom salt, and baking soda.


A Tea Tree Oil Bath Bomb For Acne-Prone Skin

Flowersong Soap Studio Tea Tree Bath Bomb, $8, Amazon

When we think of bath bombs, we usually associate them with the moisturizing ingredients many contain that help hydrate dry skin. But this tea tree bath bomb is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin that could use a little help rebalancing its natural oils and healing pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. There are no additional essential oils added to this cute bomb — so your sensitive skin will only benefit from the astringent properties of natural tea tree oil.

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