The 8 Best Brushes For Damaged Hair

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by Lisa Fogarty
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When you have damaged, dry hair, you may feel like the best thing to do is nothing at all. Since that isn't realistic and compromised hair requires upkeep and TLC, the next best course of action is to invest in a brush for damaged hair that will help your mane regain its natural luster and shine. Most importantly, the brush you choose shouldn't create more tangles, split ends, or hair shedding.

There are many options out there when it comes to finding the ideal brush for damaged hair. If you blow dry your hair, opt for a ceramic barrel brush that transfers heat evenly to hair and prevents any one section from getting too hot and damaged. If you have fine, damaged hair, try a vent brush with rubber-tip bristles that can detangle hair without pulling on it too hard. Natural boar bristle brushes serve as the gold standard when it comes to brushes that distribute scalp oils throughout your hair to promote shine and naturally condition dry hair. And a classic paddle brush with nylon or rubber bristles is great for all hair types because it provides a gentle scalp massage and easy detangling and styling.

When you aren't sure which steps to take next in addressing dry, tormented hair, try one of these eight brushes that will help prevent further damage to your delicate strands.

A Brush That Effortlessly Detangles All Hair Types

Never fear washing and detangling your hair again — the Tangle Teezer is pretty much a legendary brush that parents rely on for effortless, tear-less hair detangling. And it works like a charm on adult hair, regardless of whether you have tight curls or pin-straight hair. One reviewer with natural, African American hair says she uses the Tangle Teezer on both wet and dry hair and that it never pulls or snags her locks.

A rave review: “This product is life-changing. I have extremely thick and long hair, it used to take me 30+ minutes to brush the knots out! With this brush, it takes 6 minutes maximum! Brushing is completely painless, no more yanking my head around.”

A 100% Boar Bristle Brush For Fine & Damaged Hair

Thin, damaged hair needs a brush that won't pull and tug at strands — and this 100% boar bristle oval cushion brush proves gentle enough for fine hair. Reviewers with "dull" and "dry" hair say this brush helps extend the number of days they can wait between shampoos because it delivers sebum from the scalp throughout hair for better conditioning and less frizz. Word of warning: if you have thicker hair, this brush might not make it through your hair.

A rave review: “This is the perfect brush for any length of hair. Nice size and easy to hold. Lightweight and perfect spacing of bristles. Hair will just glide through... Definitely would recommend.”

A Round Ceramic Brush For Blow Outs

Just because you have damaged hair doesn't mean you don't appreciate a good blowout now and then. A ceramic and ion brush is a vented barrel option that distributes heat evenly to create more glossy and healthy-looking hair. The bristles are strong enough to detangle thick hair but gentle enough not to snag hair or create more damage.

A rave review: “This brush makes blow drying hair easier and faster. My hair feels great afterward. A must-have item for longer hair.”

A Bamboo Paddle Brush For Dry, Itchy Scalps

Damaged hair almost always means a dry, compromised scalp. This bamboo paddle brush exfoliates dry, scaly scalps, stimulates blood flow to strengthen hair follicles, and naturally helps reduce dandruff. The bamboo material is a sustainable resource, to boot.

A rave review: “My scalp is usually pretty dry and sometimes itchy and this thing has worked wonders with it. Not only does it glides through my hair smoothly and delicately, but also helps with my lifelong issues with scalp dryness. It’s super nice and easy to clean and I would recommend this honestly to everyone who wants a decent hair brush and is on a budget.”

A Brush Made With Argan & Olive Oils For Added Moisture

This isn't just another detangling brush — it's a detangling brush that contains a moisturizing and conditioning blend of argan and olive oils with an added bonus: keratin-infused bristles. This brush has a comfortable ergonomic handle and detangles all hair types, wet and dry.

A rave review: “This brush is amazing! My hair is very long, thick, and difficult to comb or brush through when wet. This brush takes all the snarls out with no pain or damage to the hair!”

A Bamboo Boar Bristle Brush For Thick Hair That Prevents Breakage

This natural boar bristle brush with nylon tips is weighty enough to work in medium to thick hair, has a long handle, and is great for both detangling and providing a stimulating scalp massage that promotes circulation. The boar bristles are the key to distributing scalp oil so that your hair cuticle flattens and split ends appear healthier.

A rave review: “This brush has truly been a game changer for my hair. My hair is very coarse very curly and dry and this has left my natural oils in my hair while brushing it with ease. I am so happy I discovered this brush and I will definitely buy it again when needed.”

A Vented Styling Brush With Heat-Resistant Bristles

Style both fine or thick damaged hair with this vented hair brush, which boasts boar bristles to help smooth through your natural hair oils. Nylon pins help detangle. The vented style speeds up blow-drying and prevents extra damage while the textured handle is easy to hold on to without slips. Reviewers loved how easily it worked through tangles while the bristles were soft and comfortable.

A rave review: “This is a great large hairbrush. Easy to hold and great air filtration for heat to get through when drying.”

A Detangling Paddle Brush For Wet Or Dry Hair

Wet hair is vulnerable hair — especially when it's already brittle and damaged. This paddle brush detangles both wet and dry hair and has a wide-tooth design that is compatible with all hair types — from the curliest manes to super-straight hair. Your hair will appear smoother and more manageable while the soft bristles provide the perfect scalp massage to promote healthy hair growth.

A rave review: “I’m a hairstylist and I really have enjoyed using this brush on my clients' hair. It’s easy and quick to detangle any hair type! Clients also say it feels great and there is no pain. This brush won’t rip out hair.”

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