15 Stylish Buys To Fire Up Your Next BBQ

All the accessories you need to throw the ultimate garden party.

BBQ essentials
IKEA / Our Lovely Goods / Anthropologie

It’s official: BBQ season has arrived. With the glorious heatwave weather as it is, and lockdown restrictions easing to allow for small outdoor gatherings, having a get-together over burgers, hot dogs, and Pimms seems like the ultimate way to celebrate this sense of new-found freedom. That said, it may have been a while since you last hosted a barbecue, for obvious reasons. And while the crucial element is of course having the BBQ itself, there are some other buys you may want to pick up in preparation for your guests.

Essentials include things such as cutlery and tableware that are designed for outside use. Gorgeously bright table cloths and place mats are also great, affordable ways to get your outdoors space looking barbecue-ready, as are cute little touches like outside fairy lights, little signs, and even personal hand fans to keep everybody cool. Outdoor furniture is a big deal too, and luckily, places like Ikea and John Lewis have BBQ-friendly chairs ready for the taking at fair price points.

In short, this is a summary of pretty much everything you will need for a perfect heatwave BBQ; now all you need to do is pick up the food stuffs and summer tipple!