8 Full-Body Masks That Promise Glowing Skin All Over

Because your skincare routine needs to extend from the neck downwards, too.

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Face masks have become a huge part of self care, and there are so many to choose from, whether you’d like something soothing and moisturising or an exfoliating treatment for blackheads. So it was only a matter of time before body masking hit the mainstream, particularly given how popular the skincare-as-bodycare trend is these days.

For those who are invested in their skincare routine, it’s well worth thinking about what’s going on from the neck downwards, says CeraVe Dermatologist Dr Alexis Granite. “91% of skin is neglected,” she says. “The head and neck make up 9% of our skin surface area, the rest is over the body. Looking after and protecting the skin on our body is vital to preventing dryness and rough bumps. We, as a nation, are constantly wondering why the skin on our bodies is so dry, and yet the main cause of it is neglect.”

As well as finding a good moisturiser for the body, a body mask can really give your sking the TLC it’s craving. “I totally understand that applying a face mask to your body might seem extravagant, but it’s a great way to serve your skin a dose of active ingredients,” says Jennifer Rock, dermal facialist and founder of skincare brand Skingredients.

Ingredients-wise, you may want to look for clay, charcoal, or mud-based masks, which are great for drying out any type of body acne. For brightening and reviving dull skin, vitamin C and other antioxidant-rich ingredients are a must, as well as things like caffeine. Then there’s the moisture factor; ingredients like hyaluronic acid to coconut oil can make skin more nourished and smooth.

“If you suffer from keratosis pilaris (patches of teeny hard bumps that appear on your arms, thighs, and butt) I recommend using a mask that contains vitamin A,” adds Rock.

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