10 UK Fashion Rental Sites That Combine Style & Sustainability In One

Wear designer clothes for a fraction of the price.

Woman looks in her wardrobe.
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Clothes buying often falls into one of two categories: you invest in a piece that you adore forever, or splash out on something that sees the light of day just once. Obviously, the latter isn't the most eco-friendly way to live. But what if you could snap up new clothes and embrace sustainability? Well, thanks to these 10 wardrobe rental sites, you now can.

Renting clothes, instead of buying them, isn't an entirely new concept. Some sites (Girl Meets Dress, for example) have existed for years, but with Carrie Symond’s recently renting her wedding dress for the special occasion, the concept has resurfaced. Lots of the brands listed below are relatively new, offering you both discounted designer looks and entire everyday wardrobes. Some are even giving you the chance to shop your favourite influencers' wardrobe, and hand it back when you're done. As well as being an incredibly alluring prospect for your personal style, this strategy could also go a long way to reducing fashion's waste problem.

And while some sites only offer pricey styles, others, like Hurr Collective, stock a range of price points. “We want to cut out fast fashion. It’s built to fail, we want clothes that are built to last,” co-founder Victoria Prew told Harper's Bazaar. “Our price point means we have a lot of the accessible brands like Ganni, Rixo, Kitri, and Rotate which rent really well. We didn’t want to be exclusively high-end brands. Having cool, sustainable, and emerging brands was really important for us.”

Here are the UK-based fashion rental companies you need to know about.


Hurr Collective

Hurr Collective is a site full of designer bargains that you can rent for four, eight, 10, or 20 days. You’ll find bags worth almost £400 up for £41 rent, and striking dresses that cost over £1,000 to buy available to rent for just over £200. The team even carefully curates edits to help you find your perfect look.

In May 2021, Hurr partnered with Selfridges and the brand currently runs an IRL store at their Oxford Street location.


Girl Meets Dress

If you love to dress up or are always stuck when it comes to fancy occasions, Girl Meets Dress may be your new go-to site. It's been around for a while, but the process remains the same: order up to three dresses in one go; try them on; and only pay for the one you wear. You can keep items for two to seven nights, but can also contact the team if you need it for longer or want to take the item away on holiday.

More than 150 designer brands including Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen, and the Duchess of Cambridge's fave, Beulah London, are available with specific items including that Self Portrait dress worn by Meghan Markle. (It can be yours for a time for just £69.)

You can opt for a full membership for £99 a month and receive free delivery and dry cleaning, offers and discounts, and free personal styling appointments. Or you can just pay individual rental and delivery prices when you want to use the service.


My Wardrobe HQ

You can shop 500+ designers to rent on My Wardrobe HQ, including brands such as Gucci, Prada, Ganni, and Rixo. Renters can keep their item for between four and 14 days before sending it back with the pre-paid DPD return label.

You can also register as a subscriber fo £9.99 a month, which will give you benefits including a zero deposit scheme, access to new stock 48 hours before others, express collection, and two annual home visits from a stylist.


Front Row

Currently a London-only service (but hoping to expand soon), Front Row offers some of the the most luxe designer rental options on the market. With stylists to help you make your choice, you can rent your entire wardrobe thanks to an array of dresses, sweaters, skirts, tops, bags, and accessories.

Rental periods are typically five days, but you can ask for longer. And if you order before 1 p.m., your item will be eligible for same-day delivery, making that work event panic a thing of the past.


Our Closet

Founded in 2018, Our Closet is a way to embrace the circular fashion lifestyle. You can rent designer pieces for around 20% of their original price, choosing from simple everyday styles or dazzling red-carpet-ready designs. There's even a couture wedding gown or two.

Typical rental periods are either four or eight days, but you deal directly with the lender so feel free to ask for longer. And you can book rentals up to six months in advance to make outfit planning a breeze.


Endless Wardrobe

Endless Wardrobe allows customers to can rent, buy new, or buy nearly new with items coming in direct from partner brands, such as Alexa Chung, De La Vali, Free People and Whistles.

Rental periods range from four, 10, or 16 days at around 10-20% of the retail price. The rental price includes delivery and dry-cleaning and customers can order an extra size or style and return this unworn for a refund.



If bags are your favourite fashion accessory, Cocoon is the place for you. Launched in 2019, the London-based subscription service fulfils all your designer handbag needs with both vintage and new season styles. From Prada to Fendi, Gucci to Celine, customers are spoilt for choice.

With subscriptions ranging from £49 to £99, you can choose a bag from the collection to suit every style, occasion and personality. New bags drop weekly and you can have access to pre-owned and limited edition vintage bags from most loved brands.



Whether you’re looking for a casual or designer look, are heading to a night out or wedding, Rotaro has got you covered. Rotaro stocks all the latest dresses, jumpsuits, bags, and more from luxury designers like Jacquemus, Cult Gaia, Ghost and Zimmerman. Renters can refresh their wardrobes from as little as £15 and can expect next day delivery.



Another membership offering, Onloan gives customers the chance to discover new designers. Founded by friends, Tamsin and Natalie, Onloan was created with the mindset to reduce waste, curate a space for independent designers and leave customers with new clothes without feeling guilty.

For £69 per month, you can rent two items worth an average of £500, whilst £99 a month gives your four items worth about £1000. Sustainable designers available to rent from include Stine Goya, Shrimps, Mother of Pearl and Maggie Marilyn.



With a focus on environmental, ethical and sustainable style, Baukjen is the place for the eco-conscious shoppers. Born from a desire to drive lasting positive change in helping eliminate the effects of fast fashion, Baukjen uses sustainable practices of recycling garments and fabrics and donating to charities.

Customers can rent clothing for two weeks before returning it for free. Rental prices start from an affordable £13 for a shirt.