Finally: Maskne-Fighting Sheet Masks Are Officially Here

The first of its kind, this lower face sheet mask targets the effects of face coverings.

Revolution Skincare Mascare Maskne Lower Face Sheet Mask

Adjusting to our new normal in light of coronavirus has meant coming to terms with the changing behaviour of our skin, especially now that mask-wearing is mandatory. Maskne has become a very real phenomenon, but luckily, maskne sheet masks are here to help, and I for one couldn't be more excited.

As someone who has struggled with their skin over the past year and can attribute much of that to mask wearing, I truly understand how maskne can affect your confidence. But some of my favourite brands have really shown up recently, bringing out products specifically designed to target this issue. One thing I had been hoping for was some form of mask or patch that could go across the lower part of my face to target the areas maskne had taken hold of. In short, I was tired of using about 7000 pimple patches at once around my chin and jawline.

Enter: Revolution Skincare's Maskne Calming & Purifying Lower Face Sheet Mask. The product launched in November 2020, but has only really just been on my radar recently after a renewed bout of spots.

Revolution's Lower Face Sheet Mask

So what's the sheet mask all about, exactly? Well, as far as I can see, this is the first of its kind in beauty. The sheet mask is one of the only products designed specifically to soothe maskne symptoms, thanks to its ingredients list and the fact it's shaped to cover the lower part of the face.

The sheet mask (which is fully biodegradable, vegan, and fragrance-free, FYI) uses willow bark extract that contains natural salicylic acid. This exfoliates skin and helps to clear out pores, preventing future congestion. But as well as ingredients to battle spots, it also uses things like hyaluronic acid to rehydrate, and betaine to soothe, making it a great all-rounder for skin that's irritated and inflamed from excessive mask wearing.

Other Lower Face Sheet Masks

While Revolution's mask is the first of its kind designed to combat the specific effects of maskne, there are others out there made solely for the lower part of the face, such as Magicstripes Chin & Cheek Lifting Mask, which is mainly targeted towards lifting the area.

Then there's other sheet mask offerings that come with separate top and bottom pieces, such as Patchology's SmartMud Masque, which promises to be the "neatest way to clear up your complexion and clean out pore­-clogging debris."

Other Maskne Products

And products that target maskne are just limited to sheet masks. Disciple's amazing Maskne Mist has sold out more times than you can say "social distancing" and I'm not surprised. The genius spray can be used directly onto skin before and after mask usage, as well as directly onto your face covering. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, and also has skincare benefits, as well as smelling great.

And last but not least, Skin Inc has also released some clever mask liners, which aim to act as a super soft, skin-loving barrier between your face and your mask, preventing maskne from even happening in the first place.