5 Striking Taper Candles To Elevate Your Dining Table Set Up

A brand new homeware trend we can all obsess over.

We all love a scented candle. I'm biggest sucker for a nice Diptyque or Jo Malone scent, but from time to time (particularly during the summer months, actually), I crave something simple and non-scented in my space. Especially when hayfever season arrives, a big fragrant candle can be a little much. Luckily, this year, it's all about simple taper candles, and there are a whole host of new brands and old favourites doing them right. From brightly coloured options to those with little paintings on them, here are some of the very best.

"Tapered candles are really popular right now because everyone is into hosting beautiful dinner parties and they create a beautiful atmosphere," says Bianca White, founder of Bable, a new candle brand. "The whole tablescaping thing is really kicking off and I love that," she adds. Many, like White, started their brand during lockdown after seeing loved ones begin to really enjoy their homes more and take pride in decor and dinner tables.

Whether you buy from a small, newly-opened independent business or one that's more established, tapered candles look lovely in any space, and the holder options are quite literally endless. Whether you want something simple or elaborate, most interiors website offer some great choices.

White recommends sticking to "a simple glass holder, to let the candle do the talking," which creates a "classy and chic" aesthetic. But really, the choice is yours.

Here are the five brands I'm looking to for my tapered candles this summer:

Fairholme Candles

Fairholme is a relatively new brand that's already building a cult following. Created by London PR Tony Jack, and hand-dipped and hand-poured in the city, the candles are known for coming in bright colours and for boasting five hours' burning time. This is a great little business to support RN, and the next 'drop' of products (4.0) is on its way soon.

What to buy: The 4.0 collection, which is dropping soon.

Bable Candles

These uber-cute candles caught my eye on Instagram, and it's the only brand I've seen so far that does hand-painted candles like this. The business is so new that it doesn't even have a website at present, but creator Bianca White is happy to accommodate orders via the Instagram page. I've just ordered one and I can't wait to receive it.

What to buy: The strawberry candles, which are £10 each, or £35 for four. Just DM the Bable Instagram account to order yours.

Ester & Erik

Ester & Erik is one of the better-known brands for beautiful and chic taper candles, and offer over 85 colours. Their lovely candles are designed and made in Denmark, but you can buy them at plenty of retailers such as Trouva. They also do lovely holders and other styles of candles too.

What to buy: This 'misty rose' duo of candles, for £16.95.

Bitten Design

Bitten Design is a small, independent business that has "been turning fun idea's into products since 2008." They are a great place to go for gifts, and their Rainbow Drip Colour Candle is one of the coolest long candles I've seen.

What to buy: Their Rainbow Drip Colour Candle, which are £6.50 for two.


Chickidee is an independent British lifestyle brand that does all sorts of lovely homeware. They have lots of affordable, super cool candles on their website, and their tapered candles are a great buy, particularly due to their purse-friendly prices.

What to buy: The Scented Rose Coloured Tapered Candle, for £3.