Terrazzo Homeware Buys To Brighten Up Your Space

10 terrazzo accessories, starting at just £5.

Not On The High Street

Terrazzo is a print you’ll likely have seen all over Instagram in the past few months. From walls and floors to smaller accessories and decor, it’s a homeware trend that appears intent on sticking around for a good while yet, and there are plenty of lovely ways to incorporate it into your own space. These ten terrazzo homeware buys, for example, start at just £5, proving you don’t need to splash a lot of cash to get the look.

Terrazzo hails from Italy, and is most commonly associated with flooring, historically. It is made when chips of materials such as marble, granite, quartz, glass, or shell are combined with a binder such as cement or epoxy matrix as the binder. “Terrazzo means terrace or place of encounter and was allegedly developed when mosaics craftspeople realised that marble chips became a resilient surface when trodden into the ground,” Milly Parazo of TerrazzoParazo, told the Independent.

These days, it’s not only terrazzo floors and walls that are popular, but also terrazzo-look accessories, which may feature the print without the traditional technique. There are lots of high street options that will help you shower your home with terrazzo, and these ten are my favourites.