The Body Shop’s New Range Has More Antioxidants Than Retinol

Plus, four other beauty buys to look out for this week.

Exciting beauty launches The Body Shop’s Edelweiss Range

When I think of the Body Shop, I am immediately taken back to a time of White Musk, body butters, and bath pearls. Peak nostalgia. But the high street beauty brand has also led the charge on so many environmental and social matters for over 40 years. And the latest launch, the Edelweiss range, is a true testament to that.

Taking the Body Shop’s legendary Drops of Youth formulas and hypercharging them with double the concentration of Edelweiss, a rare but hardy flower, The Body Shop is not only unlocking the power of plants, but doing so in an affordable, responsible way, and challenging one of the beauty industry’s most insidious beliefs.

Lionel Thoreau, Global Brand Vice President of The Body Shop, member of Natura & Co Group, explains: “It is our duty to ensure we aren’t sharing the wrong message. Ageing is a joy and a privilege, and our job is to lift people up, helping them age powerfully, rather than wish they were in a time-machine.” It was the vision of its pioneering founder, Dame Anita Roddick, too. She championed self-esteem and took a firm stance on anti-ageing, saying: “If you didn’t want to get wrinkles you should have stopped smiling years ago.”

Changing the aim from youth to strength, Edelweiss reportedly has 42% more antioxidant power than retinol, and promises to make your skin stronger, more resilient, and smoother. How? Well, the Alpine bloom produces its own antioxidant, called leontopodic acid, which helps it survive in very harsh mountain regions. True to style, the natural ingredients are ethically sourced, the products cruelty-free, the packaging made from recycled materials and recyclable themselves.

But that isn’t the only exciting beauty launch to have on your radar this week. Keep reading for another four exciting beauty launches worth checking out.

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