12 Buys From The Range That'll Totally Transform Your Garden

Hammocks, hanging tables, daybeds & more.

The Range

The weather is super unpredictable right now. One minute it’s scorching hot, the next, it’s pelting down with rain and thundering intensely. But given that it’s not even August yet, there has to be hope for some more warm, sunny days that can be spent in the garden for barbecues or chilled out weekends. And if you’re in need of some new garden furniture to ahead of your next summer blowout, you may want to head over to The Range’s website.

The Range can always be relied upon for some great homeware pieces, especially when it comes to the garden furniture. They have pretty much every kind of outdoor chair imaginable on their website, from hanging numbers to deck chairs, hammocks to fold ups and even a daybed for any Love Island fans among us. They also have some lovely tables and picnic sets, as well as some genius space-saving designs such as hanging tray tables and bar tops that double up as ice buckets (yes, really).

This edit of The Range’s best garden furniture will feature everything you may need for a gorgeously decorated back garden or balcony space. Prices start at just £8.99 too, meaning there’s something for all budgets as well as all tastes.