This Cult-Fave Hair Mask Works Magic On Dry, Damaged Hair

Courtesy of Coco & Eve

Some beauty products have a reputation that precedes them — maybe that serum works actual magic for breakouts, or that lipstick shade really does look good every skin tone. Enter: Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Super Nourishing Hair Masque, which has racked up a ton of awards, praise from beauty editors, and rave reviews from customers with results to back it up. It’s best known for taking weak, brittle hair back from the brink and transforming it into — as the name implies — virgin-like hair (aka hair untouched by color processes or chemical treatments). That’s all without you having to swear off your highlights. So, what exactly makes this hair mask so amazing? We’re glad you asked! Let us count all the reasons we’re obsessed.

1. It revives, restores, and repairs hair

No one’s hair is immune from damage, and damage doesn’t necessarily mean hair color or harsh treatments. Pollution and UV rays can also take their toll, leaving hair dry, dull, or worst of all, prone to breakage. The good news: In a matter of minutes, this hair mask revives strands and repairs them from the inside out for a glossier, healthier look.

Courtesy of Coco & Eve

2. It does all the work for you

If your hair is looking dull, damaged, or frizzier than ever, your average conditioner won’t cut it. A hair overhaul calls for a hair mask, and not just any hair mask. This deep-conditioning treatment repairs all hair types from the inside out in just 10 minutes — so, you’ll notice a difference as soon as you rinse it out. It’s also a 5-in-1 treatment, working on multiple levels to leave your hair healthy and strong.

3. It conditions and smooths hair

Frizz? What frizz? That’s the magic of this mask’s smoothing power. (Thank the blend of shea butter and argan and linseed oils for that). It conditions hair with lightweight moisture — no flat roots here — and nixes frizz and split ends alike for a smoother look and more manageable styling.

Courtesy of Coco & Eve

4. The ingredients are incredible

Courtesy of Coco & Eve

First up are the raw virgin coconuts, ethically sourced from Bali. The coconut extract imparts a glossy look and soft feel while also doing the grunt work to repair hair, targeting split ends and breakage. Then, hair gets a burst of moisture from the combo of antioxidant-rich fig and shea butter, which hydrates without adding weight or feeling heavy. Finally, argan and linseed oils nourish hair and replenish even more moisture, which cuts down on frizz. (Plus, just by their nature as oils, they also offer lightweight, non-greasy shine to hair.) With a lineup like this, you can actually feel good about what you’re putting on your hair.

5. You can customize it to your needs

A deep-conditioning hair mask doesn’t have to be an hour-long production (although it could, if you really want that). With this mask, you can tweak your application based on your hair’s needs and how much time you have to work with. A bit rushed? Five minutes will do the trick. Need more moisture? Try leaving it on for 20. Is your hair sending you an SOS? Apply it, cover your hair with Coco & Eve’s Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap, and sleep on it for a true transformation when your alarm goes off.

6. Application is a breeze

The hair mask comes with a free Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Tangle Tamer to help prevent damage and breakage while also coating every last strand. It’s gentle enough for all hair types from pin-straight to coily, and it detangles hair without tugging. It also ensures the mask ends up on your hair, not your hands or shower floor. Genius? We think so.