This Weird But Genius Underwear Is Becoming Wildly Popular On Amazon

Shoppers are loving these pieces that lift, support, enhance — and so much more.

by Nicole Zane
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Do you need more functionality from your underwear? Sometimes, your trusty T-shirt bra and comfy cotton underwear just won’t cut it — especially when it comes to disappearing underneath the latest trends like micro-tops and low-rise jeans. That’s why I set out to find some underthings that’ll play nicely with the most fashionable pieces in your wardrobe.

For instance, you probably need something to go under that daring cut-out dress you’re planning to pack on vacation, right? If you have a larger chest, you might panic at the mere thought of a backless dress. (Or maybe that's just me?)

The solution to this dilemma: Here are 25 weird but genius underwear styles that are becoming wildly popular on Amazon — and they’re about to expand your wardrobe horizons in ways you never thought possible.


This Sports Bra With A Sweet Little Pocket For Your Phone

How did anyone ever work out before this QUEENIEKE sports bra existed? I love it because you can stow your phone in the racerback panel and use the double-flap closure to hold it in place. If you don’t have AirPods, just thread your headphones through the bonded eyelet and you’re ready to go. Made with a moisture-wicking nylon and spandex blend, this $23 bra is a blessing for anyone with a larger chest, too — and can even handle a high-impact workout. “It said medium support but definitely stronger than that. No bounce when running,” one shopper reported. “I put down usually 5-7 miles a day and this bra holds my girls in place, and it’s not suffocating,” another fan confirmed.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 24


Cheeky Underwear That Fills Out Tailored Skirts — No Alterations Needed

If your favorite pieces feel a little loose in the hips, scoop up NINGMI’s padded hip-hugging underwear. Made from a breathable perforated cotton-polyester blend with a sponge pad that creates dangerous curves, this cheeky creation won’t look overdone or bulky. Think of it as a trusty enhancement. “This looks really good when you are wearing jeans. It adds just enough to give you a lifted butt and looks natural. It’s not too much,” one shopper wrote.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 5


A U-Shaped Bra For Plunging Tops

Sometimes, in life, you need a little cleavage action with your dress or blouse. Luckily, ZUKULIFE’s deeply low-cut bra delivers. The push-up bra is also convertible — it can be worn traditionally, as a halter, or criss-crossed into a racerback. Don’t be intimidated by the kooky shape, folks. “I've been looking for a good, supportive bra that will give me some cleavage, that I can wear with a low cut top, and finally found it,” one shopper stated. PSA: The plunge design runs a little on the tighter side, so opt for 1-2 sizes larger for a truly comfy fit.

  • Available sizes: 32A — 42D
  • Available colors: 8


Silicone Pasties That Lift And Support

If you absolutely cannot wear a bra with your “hot girl summer” look, then Promking’s breast pasties might be your best bet. Made from medical-grade silicone that molds to your form and adds a little lift, these petaled pasties will stay in place while sticking to skin sans irritation. Plus, they’re reusable: After each use, simply hand wash them in warm water with mild soap, then air dry for best results. “I have D cup,” one shopper prefaced for those on the fence, adding that these pasties “kept the girls lifted and secure for 8 hours on a hot summer day.”

  • Available sizes: One size
  • Available colors: 2


This Smooth Operator Of A Wireless T-Shirt Bra

This Warner’s bra has all the components of a perfect Amazon find. First off, there are no wires prodding and poking into your ribcage, but it’s incredibly smoothing thanks to the side panels that eliminate underarm bulge. Not only that, there are convenient, front-adjustable straps and flexible foam cups that make this thing a joy to put on in the morning. “I sometimes forget I have it on, this bra is absolutely the most comfortable bra I have ever worn,” one shopper gushed.

  • Available sizes: 34A — 40C
  • Available colors: 8


An Adhesive Strapless Thong For Intricate Bottoms

Available in a versatile beige and black, Silicone Valley’s reusable self-adhesive sideless thong is the underwear hack you didn’t know you needed. This 100% cotton creation is super airy and keeps you fresh while you rock your favorite cut-out dress or skirt. Have a sideless dress or pants situation happening? Secure this on and you’re all set to hit the town. “Perfect amount of stickiness and reusable after you wash. This was a great $20 well spent to not have underwear or clear straps ruin my high slit dress,” one shopper explained. Hand wash it with mild soap afterwards so it’s ready to go for next time. Yes, it’s that easy.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 2


Another Low-Cut Bra That Can Be Worn In Countless Ways

Here another plunge bra by ZUKULIFE that’s convertible enough for you to wear with any neckline or even backless styles. There’s a little push-up padding inside the cups, and an adaptable band to maximize versatility. Peek through the reviews and you’ll see raves left and right. “It's amazing ladies,” one fan gushed. “It fits like they say it will and it's comfortable. Like the ‘I forgot I was wearing a bra’ comfortable...My chest looks fabulous, I feel fabulous and it's really well made.”

  • Available sizes: 32A — 42D
  • Available colors: 9


This Adhesive Push-Up Bra With Adjustable Laces

If your new dress has a backless silhouette, you might be a bit concerned about how that’ll work out. MITALOO’s adhesive bra is the ideal thing to stick on to give a little lift and some shape while stilling showing off your gorgeous back. The laces let you dial the cleavage up or down, and the full-coverage cups feel comfortable covered. This shopper was a bit hesitant at first but ultimately gave the butterfly-shaped bra five stars: “I had low expectations that this would work for a D cup but it does,” they praised. “Just follow the instructions to get it on right. Once you have the bra in place press it and hold firmly for about 7 seconds so it adheres,” they advised.

  • Available sizes: A — E
  • Available colors: 3


This Seamless Sports Bra With A Cool Ladder Back

Constructed with a double layer of polyester-spandex fabric for medium-impact activities, SEASUM’s longline sports bra is both eye-catching and workout-friendly. It has a scoop neck, removable padding, and a bunch of cutouts in the back for ventilation (and style, I might add). “I have a huge chest and had no hope for this cute sports bra, but whoa! It not only fits, but is much more supportive than I expected. I can’t run a marathon in this, but can definitely weight lift and do home training in this,” one customer advised. Choose between countless colorways to match your go-to leggings.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 31


The High-Performance Athletic Thongs You Should Add To Your Underwear Drawer STAT

There are so many good things to say about Balanced Tech’s seamless thongs, but I could go on and on about how breathable they are. Here’s a few bonuses: Not only will you never have panty lines, but these undies are extremely sweat-wicking and odor-resistantcourtesy of the 4-way stretch nylon-elastane material). “This is the only underwear I am buying from now on,” one shopper declared. “I hiked 16 miles in this underwear and was blown away by how breathable it is! I even wore a pair into the ocean (I didn't pack a swimsuit) and they dried within minutes.”

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 11


A Strapless Sticky Bra For Cup Sizes A Through F

Sold in six skin-toned colorways that accommodate cup sizes up to 40F, Wingslove’s reusable strapless sticky bra offers the support of a normal bra but has an invisible feel on the body. You won't have to worry about it falling down, and the front closure pulls everything together for a bra-like shape. Expert tip: Do not use moisturizers, perfumes, powders or oils on the skin before sticking this on, or it won’t work properly. “Gave me some nice cleavage when I normally don't have any! And it stuck to me with no problems for multiple nights,” one customer remarked.

  • Available sizes: A — F
  • Available colors: 6


Secret Pocket Boyshorts That Are Game-Changing For Travelers

Made with the softest modal fabric, H&R’s underwear comes with not one but two security pockets with zippers. Are you scratching you head wondering what you’d actually put in there? Store your credit cards, passport, state IDs, spare cash, or even a condom on a night out. Oh, and they’re super helpful for exploring new places when you don’t want to risk the chance of losing anything important. “Wow...what a great find! Traveling to places this year infamously known for pickpocketing. Glad to add these shorts to my anti-theft gear,” one shopper explained.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: Black (shown)


This Handy Body Tape For When A Bra Is Just Not An Option

This MIADONNA body tape is super popular with Amazon shoppers — and there’s no shock there, folks. Suitable for most cup sizes, this heavy-duty stuff is made from cotton and spandex, meaning it’s very breathable and comfy on the skin. It’s also seamless and looks seriously invisible under your clothes. “I had no idea this tape would work as well as it does. I have fairly large breasts, Ds, and children, and I thought for sure there was no way this was going to work for me and it absolutely does. There are so many open back outfits that I love that I've avoided buying because I thought it'd be impossible for me but that is absolutely not the case anymore. [...]” one reviewer attested. Another highlight? You'll receive complimentary silicone pasties with your purchase.


These Unexpectedly Awesome Toe Socks For Mules Or Clogs

Where have Hue’s cotton toe toppers been all my life? I’ve been complaining about needing a tiny little sock for when I wear backless sneakers, clogs, and mules. Now, here we have it. “These little half socks are just what you need to prevent that sweaty foot feeling (yuck) without showing socks above the top of your shoes. They do not shift/scoot around while worn. They even stay on my feet when I take my shoes off, which was unexpected,” one shopper wrote.

  • Available colors: 2


These Articulated Compression Socks That’ll Soothe Sore Feet

Struggle with blisters, bunions, or corns? Vvovvug’s “orthotoe” compression socks will relieve pain and help prevent further damage. Geared to optimize blood circulation, prevent swelling, and relax tired tootsies, the five-finger socks are fabricated with a breathable cotton and acrylic blend that’s light and durable. “Separated toes meant no blisters and we walked 20,000 steps daily on our 15 day European River cruise,” one shopper announced, adding that “they washed and dried overnight in the sink and “ZERO COMPLAINTS.”


Moisturizing Socks That Lock In Your Lotion

Soft, cushy, and cute, these gel moisturizing socks are where it’s at. Just slip them on after you apply your favorite lotion and they’ll help your feet absorb the lotion and heal cracked skin whether it’s during the daytime or while you sleep. Your feet will feel like they just left the spa. The gel lining releases aloe and botanical oils, to boot.

“These socks really do soften your feet when they are dry and cracked! I was really impressed with how big of a difference they made in one night,” one reviewer glowed. “I've been sleeping with them on for extra moisturization. I highly recommend these and I think they will be a life saver over the dry, winter months! If you're on the fence, give them a try!”

  • Available colors: 8


A Cooling Tee That Wicks Away 100% Of Underarm Sweat

Designed specifically to eliminate underarm puddles and sweat stains from your life, these Sweatshield Undershirts short-sleeved tees are a game-changer. Sewn with integrated pads, the scoop-neck T-shirt’s micro-modal fabric is cooler and more breathable than cotton. “This shirt is perfect for people like me who hate those dreaded sweat stains on their shirts! It has a smooth fitted style and the ‘pit pads’ aren't super noticeable,” one shopper remarked. Another wrote, “I can't even tell you how happy/relieved/grateful I am for these shirts. I want to buy 100 more.”

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


A Seamless Sports Bra With Ventilation Panels

I am obsessed with the fact that this sports bra has back and underbust ventilation panels. Not only that, the nylon-spandex fabric molds to your body like a second skin without seams, wires, or hooks. “Finally a comfortable bra! I suffer from fibromyalgia and can’t stand anything tight or constricting. These are sooo stretchy and comfortable,” one shopper confirmed. Another major selling point? You’ll receive four seamless bras for $20. That’s $5 each — a steal! Select the pack of neutrals to stock up on basics, or go for the one with an array of pastels.

  • Available sizes: Medium — 3X
  • Available colors: 2


These Moisture-Wicking Panties From A Tried-And-True Brand

One word: Dependable. Cut from a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend, Fruit of the Loom’s Coolblend moisture-wicking panties keep you comfortable, dry, and fresh — what more can you ask for, really? They have these cool-touch panels and cooling leg bands that do the trick in oppressive heat. And yes, before you ask, the gusset is 100% cotton. One reviewer swore that “these are the BEST comfy underwear, especially for sweltering summer months,” while another noted that “they don't ride up in the back, and don't roll down in the front.” Noted and noted!

  • Available sizes: 5 — 9
  • Available colors: 2


Gel Heel Socks Infused With Vitamins

Relieve cracked, dry, or callused heels on the go with NatraCure’s vented moisturizing gel heel sleeves. These vented socks contain M-Gel pads that release therapeutic oils and vitamins — including vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe vera — into the skin for treatment. The proof is in the pudding: “My heels has been cracked for a while now and I wasn’t getting relief from just lotion,” one shopper related. “Tried these and in 1 night noticed a huge difference. Been using a few nights a week for a few weeks and no longer have cracked or dry heels.” Talk about rejuvenation!

  • Available sizes: Pack of 1 — Pack of 3


A Genius Band Extender That Transforms Your Everyday Bra For Backless Outfits

So you bought an open-back dress for a party, but you don’t have a bra to match. That won’t be a problem if you have Maidenform’s low back bra extender on-hand. Just attach the elastic nylon strap to your bra’s hook-and-eye closure — and there you have it! You’re ready to rock it with cut-out, backless, and keyhole styles. The part that wraps around your waist is also fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. “I use this for my wedding instead of buying a bridal corset because the back of my dress was very low. This did an amazing job with just a strapless bra. So many compliments on how well the dress looked,” one customer gushed.


Cult-Favorite Thigh Bands That Prevent Chafing

Wearing bike shorts under dresses is great in theory — until you’re sweating profusely thanks to the extra layers. That’s why you must add Bandelettes’s elastic bands to your carts now. Offered in minimalist styles and pretty lacy designs, these have rows of non-slip silicone both top and bottom that’ll keep them up for the duration of the day. “With living in central Florida and in the summer, I needed something for my thighs so they wouldn’t rub,” one shopper wrote — a tall order with that humidity — and raved that “THESE WERE PERFECT!”

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X
  • Available colors: 17


A Silicone Insert That Adds Coverage To Leggings And Swimsuits

Although camel toe is completely natural, I have to give a shoutout to timistar for making this camel toe concealer, because those lines are the bane of my existence — and this reusable self-adhesive silicone pad has saved me from so many stressful mornings. The micro-edge design feels invisible and smooths you right out without revealing its presence. It’s not just a lifeline for leggings but also works in bike shorts and beachwear, as well. “I use this whenever I have to wear a swimsuit. It really gives peace of mind and it allows me to not worry about how I look in a swimsuit as much,” one shopper pointed out.

  • Available sizes: Petite — Original


Full-Coverage Adhesive Cutlets For An Invisible Lift

Just stick these ALLSABRA adhesive silicone cutlets on your breasts and let them do their job — it’s that simple. The push-up and lifting effect is out of this world while keeping your look ultra-natural. “I wore these for my vow renewal in Cabo. It was VERY hot and humid, so I was fully prepared for these to peel off before the end of the night. We danced a lot and I was literally drenched in sweat because of the humidity… these cutlets stuck with me the entire time,” one customer confirmed.


This Hidden Bra Pouch That Safely Holds Cards & Cash

This nifty little bra pouch is a clever way to keep your cash and cards safely out of sight while traveling. Its bra strap-like clasp is adjustable and can go on the front or side of any bra, and the snap closure ensures up to six cards, cash, and a key are safe inside. The pouch is made of soft, breathable lingerie fabric so it's comfortable to wear all day.

“It keeps me from having to carry a wallet inside the store when I don't have any way to carry extra stuff,” one shopper commented. “ Leave the bulky bag or purse in the vehicle if you only need to run in [and] pick up items that you only need to pay for with a credit card, ID, cash..., it's a no-brainer.” Another reviewer shared liking to tuck it into boots.

  • One size
  • Available colors: 2

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