10 Skin Care Brands TikTok Is Absolutely Obsessed With

Many you can buy at the drugstore.

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These are the 10 most popular skin care brands on TikTok.
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Users have spoken: These are the 10 most popular skin care brands on TikTok.

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While TikTok is useful for learning how to do eye makeup or a gua sha facial, it’s also a hotspot for product discovery. And, according to millions of users, these 10 skin care brands reign as the most beloved on the app — here are the products to know from each.

The Ordinary is a cult favorite skin care brand thanks to affordable prices and straightforward products. According to Skincare Hero, TikTokers are super obsessed with the line: At 949 million hashtags, it's the most popular brand on the platform.
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Drugstore skin care gets plenty of credit on TikTok. The AOC-approved utilitarian brand CeraVe currently has 857 hashtags views — there have even been rumors of empty shelves following the TikTok hype.
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L’Oreal is one of the most popular brands on TikTok by both follower count (232.2 thousand) and by hashtag views (518.4 million). The drugstore line boasts so. many. skin and hair products, but consider trying out this gentle moisture-boosting face cream.
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Glossier first blew up on Instagram, so it makes sense that its line has a new fan base on TikTok. The brand has roughly 400.8 million hashtag views. It's hard to single out just one product, but consider snagging its body wash, an early innovator in the body care category.
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Bar soaps may seem retro, but TikTok breathed new life into the product when this Dove bar went viral. The brand has since garnered 392.4 million video views surrounding Dove's hashtag, making it a must-have classic.
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Olay is another drugstore skin care brand that has racked up cult status on the video sharing platform, coming in at 288.1 million video views. If you're going to try just one product, this fragrance-free moisturizer is a bonafide bestseller.
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There are 105.8 million video views in the Neutrogena hashtag on TikTok, yet another beloved drugstore line. This lightweight gel moisturizer is the perfect anecdote for the sweltering summer humidity.
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Skin care includes your scalp! And Kiehl’s, a brand that has 102.9 million views on TikTok, has an elixir meant to cultivate a healthy and luscious mane.
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Cetaphil is proof that good skin care products don’t have to break double-digit price tags. The barebones brand has seen a surge of 101.4 million views on TikTok. Listen to derms and TikTokers alike and get your hands on a bottle of this super gentle face wash.
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Estee Lauder is the only prestige brand to make it into TikTok’s top 10. It has racked up over 101 million views, many of which seem to be concentrated around the line’s hero product — an overnight miracle-working serum.
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