"Transparent Eyeliner" Is The Perfect Summer Look For Makeup Minimalists

You may want to dust off your ultra-light winter concealer ...

The “transparent eyeliner” makeup trend is slowly but surely gaining some serious steam on TikTok. A...

TikTok has proven to be a haven for beauty lovers, with entirely unique trends and helpful hacks constantly popping up and taking flight on the ever-viral platform. Most recently in the minimalist makeup world, “gym lips” have taken over — and this time around? The “transparent eyeliner” trend is slowly but surely gaining some serious steam, with 1.3 million views (and counting) on the trend’s hashtag by the same name.

The creator who initially sparked interest in the trend is May Akhtar — a makeup artist and TikToker who is known to experiment with colorful and creative eye looks. Though in contrast with her more typical artsy looks, Akhtar shares how she enhances the natural hue of her eyelid, creating a negative space with a light shade of concealer (envision outlining where a classic wing would be) and blending outwards so as to keep the ghost wing sharp and visible.

Though the final look is soft and subtle, the transparent eyeliner trick creates a gorgeous contour that elongates the eye for a gaze that is naturally sensual and effortlessly snatched — no eyeshadow palette necessary.

My pro tip? Keep the transparent liner looking crisp and staying smudge-proof with a soft dusting of setting powder placed just on top of the look. Be sure to pat the product gently, rather than dragging your brush so as to not move the concealer you’ve already placed and blended to perfection.

Akhtar shared her now-viral tutorial with the cheeky caption: “When ur darker eyelids become useful.”

TyAna, another BeautyTok creator and LA-based MUA, tapped into the conversation, sharing with her followers her candid take on transparent eyeliner trend: “I am obsessed — and it wasn’t even hard [to create] at all.” She further exclaimed by way of her caption that it’s her “new summer look.”

Are you down to try the latest trend for summer?