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20 Triangle Box Braids For A Low-Maintenance Summer

A protective style to beat the heat.

by Natasha Marsh

Protective styles are great during the summer. They allow your edges to be tucked away and protect your natural hair from damage. Triangle box braids and box braids are especially popular during the summer months and although they are often used interchangeably, the two styles are actually quite different in installation and final look. Box braids are braids that are sectioned into square shapes at the root, while triangle box braids are divided into triangle-shaped sections. Both braided styles can be done using natural hair only, or with extra extensions for added length, thickness, and fullness.

Triangle box braids add a twist to traditional square-shaped box braids — plus, they allow you to test a new hair color and cut without long-term commitment. To give you some inspiration, Bustle scoured Instagram for more than a dozen triangle braids to bring to your next braiding appointment.

Red Triangle Braids

Add in long red extensions for a fiery look.

Topknot It‌

Great for weekend parties and on-the-run errands, a topknot will be your go-to style this summer.

‘90s Throwback

Take it back to ‘90s sitcoms with these blonde and black half curly, half straight braids.

Light Brown

Because of the larger sections, triangle braids take a lot less time to finish than regular box braids.

Mini Parts

If you have a steady hand or go-to stylist, experiment with multiple mini braids inside the triangle parts to recreate this intricate and popular design.

Ombre Flavor

Opt for blonde ombre extensions for a fun twist. Don’t forget to invest in a leave-in conditioner to properly detangle your natural hair before braiding.

Jumbo Land‌

Protect more of your hair with less time in the chair with jumbo braids.

Accessorize It‌

Liven-up triangle braids with hair accessories beaded throughout.

Put It All Up

For days where you don’t want to deal with the braids touching your face, throw the hair up in a high pony.

Low Maintenance

Make sure you have a good edge control on hand to smooth back all flyaways.


This summer, go for traditional cornrows with a triangle part update.

Happy Hearts

Update your triangle braids with fun scalp designs like this heart.

Ginger Baby

Channel hot summer temperatures with this ginger triangle braid set.

Hybrid Party‌

For a cool integration, incorporate multiple parts, with a full side and straight backs halfway through.

Rainbow Nation

Go full color for your most playful summer yet.


Although most protective styles are designed with extra hair, go extension-free this summer by sectioning out your natural hair. Just don’t forget to use a hair oil for a shiny finish.

Crown Glory

For more of a glamorous style, opt for a crown braid with triangle center inserts.

Curled Ends‌

Update your triangle braids with curled ends.

Blonde Fever

Experiment with color triangle braids. P.S once your braids start to loosen, you can create other protective styles like Bantu knots for long-lasting braids.

The More The Merrier‌

Add in as many parts as you want for a full head of triangle braids.