Bernie Sanders Went Grumpy Chic For The Inauguration

Twitter users found humor and charm in the Vermont senator's curmudgeonly vibe.

Sen. Bernie Sanders at the 2021 inauguration

On an Inauguration Day of historic firsts, America joined together in unity — an oft-repeated word from President Joe Biden's address — to stan one thing in particular: Sen. Bernie Sanders' inauguration outfit, a sensible, familiar choice amid a sea of jewel tones.

The Vermont senator arrived at the Capitol sporting brown mittens and a tan windbreaker, which Twitter users recognized from his notorious campaign meme. The mittens, according to Buzzfeed News reporter Ruby Cramer, come courtesy of a fellow Vermonter, teacher Jen Ellis, and are made out of plastic bottles, which is supremely on-brand for the vocal proponent of environmental protections. One of his most high-profile supporter accounts, People for Bernie, used the viral look as an opportunity to thread details of his platform, which includes issues like minimum wage, widespread health care coverage, and COVID-19 relief. Others likened Sanders' vibe to those of parents at soccer games, introverts at parties, and dads running errands. Ultimately, America seems to relate.

By and large, the tweets about his wardrobe added moments of levity online, juxtaposed next to emotional posts about the end of Donald Trump's reign and the incoming administration. (If you want to make your own custom Sanders meme, the user @taber has you covered.) Here, some stand-out commentary about the Vermont senator.

On The Look As A Power Move

Some viewers read into Sanders' choices as a purposeful rebuttal to the pageantry of Inauguration Day.

On Sanders' Inherent Practicality

Vermont winters require an outdoorsy pragmatism, a theme repeated on Twitter.

On The Relatability Of His Clothes

As much as we want to don a plum palazzo pant suit, à la Michelle Obama, many users found their IRL taste more akin to the senator.

And A Few Miscellaneous Winners

A few users bucked trends, finding humor everywhere from the deli counter to celebrity news.