11 Unexpected Fragrance Facts You Need To Know

by Lexi Novak

If you’re into fragrance, then you know that every ounce of a perfume is like liquid gold — and you want to ensure you’re making the most out of each spritz. For example, enthusiasts know to stash their bottles in cool, dark places to avoid formula degradation from heat and light. And bright citrus (common in top notes) tends to dissipate quicker compared to rich amber or vanilla (which are often found in base notes). What other surprising fragrance facts will help you maximize the wear of your favorite blend? Check out the video above, created in partnership with Sephora, to find out and shop the scents.

Director of Photography: Theodora Richter; Video Producer: Claire Tully Markus; Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Dorothy Peterson; Prop Stylist: Adri Suarez; Associate Creative Director, Video: Alexandra Machover; Art Director: Molly Kugelmann; Production: Danica Butkovich; Branded Beauty Lead: Lexi Novak