Tubing Mascara Is Like Liquid Lash Extensions You Can Swipe On

Experts break down the benefits and share their recs.

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If you weren’t born with naturally long and defined eyelashes, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. For the lashes of your dreams, the next best thing you can do is add a tubing mascara to your makeup routine. With promises of great length with no smudge or flaking, it might just be the answer to your beauty prayers.

But what is tubing mascara exactly? According to cosmetic chemist and founder of FanLoveBeauty Ginger King, tubing mascaras are formulated with polymers called acrylate copolymers, which form tiny tubes of product around your eyelashes to give them that length and lift. Compared to traditional mascaras that are wax or oil-based, tubing mascaras are also known for their non-smudging properties because the product wraps around your lashes and stays there.

“Think of tubing mascara as liquid lash extensions,” says celebrity makeup artist Gilbert Soliz. “They often contain similar ingredients as traditional mascaras with one differentiating ingredient, polymers, which coat or wrap the lash which lends itself to tubing.”

“I prefer tubing mascaras over traditional wax-based formulas that basically paint layers of heavy pigment on your lashes, which can weigh them down when we want to lift everything up,” adds Tarte Cosmetics makeup artist Lex Smith. Soliz says that tubing mascaras create a smooth and even coat that is buildable to give you your desired length and shape. He recommends simply wiggling the mascara wand from root to tip.

What Is The Benefit Of Using A Tubing Mascara?

One of the biggest benefits of tubing mascara is how easy it is to remove. King explains that it is easier to wash off because the tubes slide off with some water and pressure. Soliz agrees and says all you have to do is run your fingers under warm water and then gently rub and slide your fingers between your lashes to get those tiny tubes of mascara off.

Smith adds that tubing mascaras add great length to eyelashes without flaking or smudging, and Soliz states that they give lashes a great lift for that “wide-awake” effect.

Does Tubing Mascara Have Any Downsides?

There aren’t many. Soliz says that they don’t typically add more volume, so it might not be the best fit if you’re looking for thicker-looking lashes. King adds that older formulations weren’t infinitely buildable, though there might be newer formulations that allow you to apply was many coats as you want. With that in mind, below are some options to check out.

7 Tubing Mascaras To Try

“Blinc is one of the OGs of tubing mascaras; it’s been around for over a decade,” says Soliz. “I love the soft-curved brush and the look of [the] natural ‘yours but better’ lash look that it gives.”

Soliz also recommends this mascara from Merit for its clean formula and its brush that adds boosted volume compared to most tubing mascaras. (Plus, chic packaging is always an added bonus.)

Smith says that on top of its great lengthening effect, this tubing mascara from Tarte is packed with nourishing ingredients, such as shea butter, and it provides 24-hour wear that is flake-free and smudge- and sweatproof. She adds that the formula dissolves when you wash it off, which helps prevent your eyelashes from being pulled on too harshly during the removal process.

Aptly named, this tubing mascara from Thrive Causemetics is truly like having liquid lash extensions in a swipe. It is made with a flake-free tubing technology that gives your eyelashes great length and has castor seed oil and shea butter to condition your lashes and keep them healthy.

For more natural-looking length, turn to this clump-free tubing mascara from Kevyn Aucoin. The small precision brush evenly coats and separates each lash to add definition and great length.

With its curved brush, Tower 28’s tubing mascara reaches even your shortest eyelashes. It contains a special technology that creates a long-lasting curl and protects against humidity while also being nourishing for even the most sensitive eyes.

Essence’s tubing mascara is the ultimate smudge-proof formula. Reviews rave about how it not only delivers a long-lasting curl but it does not flake or clump. As an added bonus, it’s one of the more wallet-friendly options out there.

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