The 5 Best Tubing Mascaras

Every once and awhile a new beauty product comes along that completely changes the game, and a few years back, tube mascara did just that. For the uninitiated, tubing mascara encapsulates lashes rather than painting them, and that revolutionary tube technique basically eliminates smudges and flakes, not mention the need to reapply (talk about staying power!). That's why the best tubing mascaras are perfect for anyone struggling with sensitive eyes, chronic raccoon eyes, or makeup-induced contact lens irritation. When you put a tube mascara on, it's not going anywhere until you decide to remove the tubes.

But if all tubing mascaras promise long-lasting, smudge-proof results, how do you choose the best one for you? It all comes down to your specific lash and eye type. If you have short, thin lashes, you'll probably want a tubing mascara that not only adds length, but dramatic volume too. If you have sensitive eyes, a gentle formula that's been tested by ophthalmologists is a smart choice. And if you're all about clean beauty, a natural mascara that's free of synthetic fragrances and dyes is totally way to go.

While the majority of tubing mascaras in this roundup fall right around the $25 range, there's a fabulous budget option as well. All of the mascaras below are highly rated on amazon, and some, like our top pick, has more than 1,000 customer reviews.