Where To Get A Tooth Gem Applied In The UK

Now there’s nothing stopping you from hopping on the TikTok trend.

Lifestyle stock image of a woman with a tooth gem.
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Along with the rise of jeans so low-waist that they would make Paris Hilton shy, yet another Y2K style craze has returned, and it’s making the rounds on TikTok. That’s right, Tooth gems are a hot topic right now, and you may well want to get involved in the trend. After all, if it works for Hailey Bieber, FKA Twigs, and Adwoa Aboah, then why not you? However, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on such a thing in the UK, especially as much of the TikTok content for this is based stateside. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered, below.

What Are Tooth Gems?

First, let’s make sure we know just what we’re talking about. Tooth gems are usually multi-coloured stones or delicate Swarovski-like crystals that are applied individually to the teeth. Whether you prefer a single gem or multiple crafted together to form a design, the entire process tends to take five-to-ten minutes, at most. Usually, people prefer a semi-permanent option — free from any painful drilling — which is bonded using an enamel-safe adhesive. The gem is then secured using a UV lamp, similar to acrylic nail extensions.

It is essential that the stones are glued on healthy teeth, and that you only eat soft food for at least 24 hours after the application. You can continue to brush your teeth twice a day, as usual.

“Tooth gems can be applied at home, but this is not advisable because putting it in certain places is more likely to cause long term issues such as tooth decay,” says Dr. Sundeep Patel, a cosmetic dentist based in London. These gems usually last between one-to-six months, if taken care of.

Where Did The Trend Originate?

At the time of writing, #ToothGems has over 219 million views on TikTok, with hundreds of users sharing their designs and recommendations. While the celebrity stamp of approval may have nudged the trend back into existence over the last few years, it is truly social media that sky-rocketed interest in the sparkly enamel stones.

Still, it is important to note that tooth gems existed for decades before their Y2K and Gen Z resurgence. Earliest recorded examples of the dental bling could be found in the Mayan Empire, where members decorated their teeth with jade and turquoise stones. Even Japanese aristocrats dyed their teeth black to mark a high status and coming-of-age. Gold teeth hold a significance in modern Black culture, as well.

Where Can You Get A Tooth Gem In The UK?

Tooth gems are increasingly popular across the UK, and can be applied by cosmetic dentists, aestheticians, teeth technicians, and even at salons. Below, is a curation of artists and clinics in the country where you can easily get your dental bling on.

Crystal Canine

Lana Sophia, the founder of tooth gem brand Crystal Canine, is well known in the dental sparklers circle. Offering over 150 options of Swarovski crystals, 22K gold, white gold, and diamonds, the service starts at £30 for a single crystal and an additional £30 for a consultation. The boutique is based in Deptford, London.

Moo Jems

From cheeky snake gems to cutesy gold cherries, @MooJems in Brighton is ideal for some quirky sparklers. Starting at £30 for a single crystal and £100 for a butterfly, you can make bookings with the certified artist, here.

Skullen Collective

If you’re seeking head-to-toe glam, head to Skullen Collective in Newcastle for new lashes, nails, and tooth gems. A single stone starts at £20, while gold pieces are priced at £80. You can book an appointment, here.

Doll Parts

Based in Manchester, these certified-technicians offers a selection of Swarovski crystals, gold, and white gold stones. Often spotted at events in the city, you can pop over to Doll Parts studio to get your dental bling on at £30 for a single round crystal and £140 for a gold Chanel stick on.

Bite Club

Head to Bite Club’s inspiration highlight on Instagram to pick a sparkler style that sits right with your aesthetic. This Glasgow-based tooth gem spot offers coloured crystals at £30 and diamond dust at £120. DM the artist Corinne to make bookings.

Glow Shop

The Nike swoosh and Playboy bunny are only a couple of the many playful gems that you can find at this boutique in Belfast. Besides tooth gems at £15, the Glow Shop also offers henna freckles and press-on nails for the curious — make your bookings, here.

Cardiff Smile Centre

For those who only trust dentists with their teeth, this Cardiff-based clinic is the right place for you. Visit the company’s website for information on pricing, gem options, and appointments.

Chai Beauty

At this London-based spot, Anya Mane Chai offers tooth jewels starting at £30 with unique styles like ‘icy fangs’ and holographic droplets. For booking information, head to the artist’s website.