You Can Already Buy "Will You Shut Up, Man?" Merch After The Debate

Even the Biden campaign is getting in on the fun.

Joe Biden Will You Shut Up Man Presidential Debate
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The first Presidential debate has already inspired "Will You Shut Up Man?" shirts. It occurred at Cleveland, Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University on Sep. 29, moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. And, let’s just say, it wasn’t so much a two-sided debate as it was a one-sided conversation. Throughout the 90-minute event, President Trump paid no mind to the 2-minute time limits, running over on his own and speaking during Vice President Biden’s turn. He rambled on topics that were not at the moment being debated, and spewed facts that were — point-blank — untrue.

Biden, for the most part, kept his composure. After all, he was likely expecting exactly the spectacle he encountered. Except, of course, for that one moment…the soundbite that launched a thousand memes, overnight. At one point, Trump interrupted Biden as he was urging Americans (of all political affiliations) to get out and vote. At his wit's end, Biden put his hand down, nodded his head, and said, “Will you just shut up man?” And so, it began.

Quite literally overnight, new political merch was born. Even Biden’s own campaign is getting in on the fun, selling an official T-shirt with Trump’s face and the new pull quote.

Though it’s unclear how the country is going to sit another uncomfortable debate again, at least you can do so wearing some new political apparel.

Ahead, shop some of the best “Will you shut up man?” merch.

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The official merch from the Joe Biden campaign, created in record time. The pull quote placed over Trump's face takes this T-shirt to a new level.


Go for a classic tee with the words printed in white across the chest. This will surely be a conversation starter whether people watched the debate or not.


Shop these buttons to put on everything, from backpacks to Fall jackets. The best part of this pin, created by a Black-owned brand, is the use of Biden's full name.


The brightest option comes via this chic Phenomenal sweatshirt with the famous phrase rendered in pink script.


Available for just $15, opt for a classic graphic in red, green and yellow lettering.