18 Popular Tattoo Phrases To Inspire Your Next Ink Appointment

These will spark some ideas.

by Jenna Curcio and Audrey Noble
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These popular quotes & words make for great tattoos. Use them as inspiration for your next tattoo ap...

Choosing a tattoo can be a fun but sometimes daunting task, especially if you’re selecting a phrase rather than imagery. Not only do you have to think about the font, placement, and overall aesthetic, but you also have to consider what kind of message you want to reflect (if any message at all).

You might decide to go with something that has a deeper, more personal meaning to you or you might opt for something more straightforward and simple. That’s the beauty of getting a tattoo, it only has as much significance as you want to assign to it.

Celebrities like Demi Lovato and Rihanna have gone the inspirational and motivational route when it comes to their tattoo phrases with quotes like “Now I’m a warrior” and “Never a failure, always a lesson,” whereas hyper-tatted celebs like Pete Davidson have gotten (and since covered) more humorous phrases like “Jokes come and go, but swag is forever.” Regardless of which direction you end up going with, you’ll still want to explore your options to see what kind of possibilities are out there.

Whether it’s your first trip to the tattoo shop or your fifteenth, here are some popular tattoo phrases to spark ideas for your next ink.


A reminder for when you need an extra dose of bravery.


You are perfect just the way you are. Remind yourself that being yourself is more than enough.


Some hopeful positivity never hurt anyone.


Progress is progress.


Everyone deserves the right to choose what they get to do with their own body.


Have faith in yourself, no matter what you’re going through.


Try out a classic Latin phrase.


Even in the darkest moments, there is a light somewhere to help pull you out of it.


Stevie Nicks said it best.


The power to change any circumstance you’re facing is all within you. So you go be the change that you need to make your world a better place.


The idea that you need to work for love or be a certain way to be loved is absurd. Every human deserves love — and the very best version of it.


What will be, will be. Nothing that is meant for you will ever miss you.


In times of distress, it can be calming to hold onto hope. Know that while you can always feel your feels, there is hope out there to center you.


This little reminder written in pretty cursive may be cliché, but it’s true: you’ve got to love yourself. While it can be hard at times to do so, you are worthy of the best things in life for just being you.


Life has a funny way of working itself out. Even if it’s not exactly how you wanted things to go, chances are you end up with something better than what you imagined. So trust the universe.


If you think about your dreams — no matter how small or big — chances are that at least one of them has come to fruition. The universe always has your back to make your wishes a reality.


Family — blood-related or chosen — is a beautiful thing. The love that’s there from people who’ve always got your back is one of the best feelings in the world.


A little reminder that everyone goes through dark times and that the darkness is needed to appreciate the good times. You’ll always end up shining regardless, so hold your chin high when you feel like giving up.

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