9 Cool Tattoo Fonts To Consider For Your Next Ink

Ideas to help you brainstorm.

Tennis player Markéta Vondroušová's tattoo font is classic.
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The fun part about tattoos is that the limits do not exist. And if you’re thinking about a word or phrase, there’s an overwhelming amount of tattoo fonts to consider and you want the lettering to be just right.

More and more people are considering getting a word or phrase tattoo, and the reasons why are pretty simple. “Font tattoos are so popular because they're an aesthetic,” Fleur Noire Resident Artist Jaz Paulino tells Bustle. “It's a fun way to permanently mark a positive reminder, or favorite quote, or commemorate someone special.”

“They’re timeless,” adds INKED artist Deanna Maffeo. “If done by the right artist, [it] can look good forever.”

A tattoo font can be fine or bold, colorful or classic black, minimal or graphic — you can literally do whatever you want with it. As for pain tolerance or what to expect, Paulino says that it all depends on the size you want it to be and how much ink is going to be deposited.

Paulino lists handwritten, script, and typewriter fonts as some of the most popular client requests. Need more inspiration to get started? Scroll down for nine tattoo font ideas you can consider for your next ink appointment.


There’s something so old school (in the best way possible) about typewriter font. Opt for this when you want to channel your inner writer.

Carbon Copy

It is totally possible to replicate someone’s handwriting — whether it’s your own or someone else’s. Paulino says artists can either trace their ink pen right over the piece of paper you bring with the phrase and handwriting you want it in or stencil it.

Maffeo makes a stencil by scanning the paper with the handwriting to her iPad and printing the stencil from there to ensure that it’s an exact copy. “From there, it’s up to me to be as careful and as precise as possible to mimic it while I tattoo,” she says.


Channel carefree vibes with a script font that’s just barely legible. It’s a great choice for fans of fine line work.


If you want to bring in your own font, that is totally possible. “Tattooing in itself is no easy task, and custom font tattoos are no different,” says Paulino. “It can be a challenge to customize a font while still ensuring it's clear and legible, but there are artists who solely practice lettering and have it down to a T.”

Maffeo stresses the importance of making your custom font legible to begin with. “Whether it be someone’s handwriting or font they find online, you just want to be sure everything has enough spacing between letters so it doesn’t look like mush,” she says.


Hot take: cursive is still cool. It might be getting phased out in schools, but it will always be a beautiful and classic spin on a special word or phrase you want to get inked forever.


A great way to pay tribute to a loved one is to make their signature your next tattoo. If they’ve got really pretty handwriting or a cool sign-off, it makes for a memorable type of ink.

Bold Fairytale

Romantic and whimsical, the classic fairytale font is magical and will put a smile on anyone’s face.


This gothic print is graphic and dark, perfect for those looking for something bold.

Morse Code

A unique conversation starter, tatting a phrase in morse code is a special (and extremely low key) way to convey a message.