Your Home Could Look 10x Better With Any Of These Surprisingly Cheap Things On Amazon

Refresh every room with these surprisingly affordable items that make a huge impact.

Written by Veronika Kero
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You don’t need an interior designer to update your home: Amazon is packed full of gadgets and decor that will instantly upgrade your home. Some of the shockingly affordable items below offer stylish updates for items in your home that are due for a refresh (say, a comforter and bath mat) but others are clever solutions for all of those little eyesores around the house that seemed expensive to cover. These weird but genius products will help you organize, upgrade, and make every room in your home look 10 times better — all with price tags of $40 or less.


A Stainless Steel Shower Caddy That Is So Easy To Install

Available in polished silver or matte black, this sleek shower caddy is an easy way to update your bathroom. It offers over a foot of wall space. Its durable construction can hold up to 15 pounds of bath or skincare products and is held up by a strong adhesive hook-lined strip (included with the shelf) that won’t damage your walls. And because the entire piece is made of stainless steel, it’s also rust-resistant.


This Wrinkle-Free Sheet Set For Even Deep Mattresses

These bed sheets will make every night feel like you’re staying in an expensive hotel. The lightweight fabric naturally resists wrinkles, shrinkage, and pilling — thanks to its durable stitching and double-brushed microfiber weave. And because the fitted sheet can stretch to 16 inches deep, it fits thicker mattresses too. The set is available in 45 colors and prints within the listing to match any bedroom.


A Wall Mount That Holds Up To 50 Pounds

Whether you want to tidy up your basement, garage, or closet, this tool holder will make it easy and streamline your space. It is equipped with three non-slip sections that can grip brooms and vacuums and has four hooks to hold tools with holes in the handles or to hang cleaning cloths. The organizer is made of strong stainless steel that enables it to hold up to 50 pounds. You can install it with adhesive strips or screws — both of which are included.


This Ceramic Spoon Rest That’s Dishwasher-Safe

Speed up cleaning time by preventing drips with this spoon rest. And because it’s both heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, its gorgeous ceramic design won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It has an impressive 4.8-star overall rating and one reviewer wrote, “I have been asked about it by a few people. It really stands out. Easy to clean and great quality.”


These Expensive-Looking Handcrafted Candle Holders

Instantly transform the vibe of any room with these rich-looking candle holders. Their curvy design is hand carved from solid mango wood, offering durability and a one-of-a-kind touch. The set comes with three pieces with heights ranging from six to 12 inches, all with the same three-inch diameter for pillar candles. They also have felt pads underneath to help prevent scratches.


This Magnetic Spice Rack With Handy Hooks

While this magnetic spice rack can certainly be used in the kitchen by attaching it to your stovetop, fridge, or even microwave, it can also be used in the laundry room. Just snap it onto your washing machine or dryer and you’ll have a sturdy shelf to store six pounds of detergent and dryer sheets. You can also hang necessities from the two removable hooks that are included.


A Cork Board With A Chic Wooden Frame

This corkboard can be used in a multitude of ways. Use it to create a hanging scrapbook for daily inspiration, display your artwork, or keep important sticky notes and lists within reach. It comes in two different sizes and has a wooden frame that comes in both white and black. And because it can be mounted horizontally or vertically, it can fit any space you have.


A Sleek Cutting Board Rack That Won’t Tip Over

This cutting board rack is a great way to declutter your counters and turn your kitchen tools into a chic display. The simple stainless steel wiring has been formed into three spaces that will keep even the largest boards from tumbling over, saving you from digging around in cabinets to find the one you need. A six-slot version is also available within the same listing.


These Wireless Lights That Last For 100 Hours Each

Use these slim wireless lights to create customized lighting in your closet, staircase, cabinets, and more. Their LED bulbs project a warm white glow that can be turned on and off simply by tapping. They each last for 100 hours (used at 100% brightness). Installation is fast and easy using the included adhesive strips or screws.


A Roomy Utensil Holder With Copper Or Silver Detailing

Elevate the look of your kitchen with this utensil holder. It has a copper or silver detail you can match with the rest of your space. And because it’s seven inches tall, it can hold taller whisks and spatulas. One reviewer noted the brand’s attention to detail, commenting, “The copper strip comes shipped with a protective film on it, so it's pristine and flawless when you unwrap it.”


This Luxe Glass Vase That Comes In 3 Jewel Tones

Add a touch of luxe to any room with this glass vase that looks like it came from a boutique but costs less than $20. The vase is six inches tall and can be used to hold fresh or faux flowers and greenery, or even makeup brushes and other small items. It’s also available in green and amber in the listing.


This Microfiber Comforter That Can Be Used All Year

This luxuriously soft comforter is useful in all seasons; it’s filled with synthetic goose feathers that make it warm enough for winter but it’s breathable enough to be used in the summer. Meanwhile, the exterior features a quilted design stitched into the durable microfiber. It’s versatile too; it has four corner loops in case you decide to use it as a duvet insert.


A Set Of 4 Apothecary-Style Canisters For Less Than $10

Streamline your bathroom, make space in your cabinet, and eliminate packaging that’s an eyesore all at once with this four-pack of glass canisters. The apothecary-style plastic containers would also look nice in an office They come with customizable white and transparent labels.


This Microfiber Duster That Makes Cleaning Baseboards Easy

Dusting your baseboards can make your home look so much better, but it can be a literal pain. This microfiber duster has a rotating head that swivels 360 degrees to clean from any angle, so you can not only clean the baseboards but also things like moldings. It comes with three reusable cleaning pads, and you can even collapse the handle for storage.


A Pair Of Linen Curtains To Add Light & Texture

To add softness to a room without completely blocking out sunlight, add these linen curtains to your windows. This set comes with two panels of wrinkle-free fabric that can bring in just the right amount of color and texture to complete a room. Choose between six different lengths and six colors.


Some Tiered Storage Baskets With Adjustable Dividers

Use these storage baskets to organize sauces and spices in the kitchen or to keep extra bath products organized under your bathroom sink. Each tier has removable bins with adjustable dividers to keep things neat and dry-erase labels on the front of each drawer. Made of BPA-free plastic, they’re easy to wipe clean when it’s time to switch out products.


A Spa-Worthy Bamboo Bath Mat That’s Mildew-Resistant

This bamboo bath mat will transform your bathroom into a chic — and safe — oasis. The organic wood is coated in three protective levels of coating to prevent mildew, mold, and dirt buildup. It also has a non-slip waterproof coating and nine anti-slip feet on the bottom so you have a sturdy surface when stepping out of the shower or bath.


This Teak Frame With Vintage Vibes For Just $5

This teak wood hanging frame lets you switch out artwork in a flash. With mid-century vintage vibes, the frame is also available in black, blue, and gray in widths ranging from eight to 36 inches. Its wooden edges have magnetic strips that firmly grip any unstretched canvas or paper print that you decide to place in the center.


A Spacious Turntable With Adjustable Dividers

This roomy turntable has raised walls to keep products in place as you spin it. The clear design makes it easy to see everything you have available and the two removable dividers offer the opportunity to create organized sections. It’s a great tool to easily find what you need in the kitchen or bathroom. Reviewers say it spins well with one reviewer writing that it “holds quite a bit more than anticipated.”


These Underbed Bags To Declutter & Keep Things At Hand

Declutter your closet and dresser by transferring some of your clothes into this underbed storage bag. At just six inches tall but nearly four feet long, it gives you plenty of space to swap out your wardrobe as the seasons change or keep accessories tucked away until you’re ready to wear them. It features a tear-proof reinforced handle, and the clear plastic cover opens fully on three of the four sides — making it easy to grab what you need.


An 8-Tier Pot Rack That Can Be Used Horizontally Or Vertically

This iron pot rack can be used on your countertop or inside a cabinet to keep pots and pans neatly separated and protected from scratches — and makes it easy to grab them with one hand and minimal noise. It can be set up horizontally or vertically (without tools), and the eight tiers are adjustable in height. Each level has a rubber coating to things from sliding around.


This Hypoallergenic Rug That’s Just $30

In addition to its fluffy top, this surprisingly affordable area rug also has a high-density interlayer that gives it an extra boost of support and comfort. The soft fabric is hypoallergenic and available in nine colors and six sizes within the listing. And because it has PVC dots on the bottom, it stays in place. One reviewer raved, “It is so soft [it’s] like walking on a cloud.”


An Adjustable Plant Stand That Upgrades Any Planter

Give any planter new life with this plant stand made of sustainable bamboo. It can hold up to 150 pounds and has an adjustable width to hold pots ranging from eight to 12 inches in width. It can also be flipped over to adjust the height at which the plant stands as well; protective feet come included to apply to either side. And because it comes in a beautiful (and recyclable) box, it makes a great gift too.


This Easy-to-Install Waterproof Peel-And-Stick Floor Tiles

Rather than calling a contractor, upgrade your kitchen or bathroom yourself with these peel-and-stick floor tiles. Their vintage-inspired pattern comes in either gray or black and the tiles can be trimmed to fit your room. The adhesive sheets are completely waterproof, and each pack covers up to 10 square feet. One reviewer was shocked with how well the project turned out, writing, “So easy to install and came out beautiful. Never thought it would look that good for stick on!”


Some Airtight Food Storage Containers For A Neater Pantry

These food storage containers come in a pack of seven with four different sizes so that you can pack away everything from long pieces of spaghetti to small dried grains or nuts. The lids feature an airtight lever lock thanks to a silicone seal, keeping dry goods fresh for longer. The set comes with reusable labels and a chalk pen to give you a clear view of everything and maintain a clean and uniform look.


A Woven Basket Available In 13 Color-Block Options

Whether it’s extra blankets in the living room or toys in the playroom, there are tons of uses for this rope basket — it can even be used as a chic hamper. This popular basket has a nearly perfect 4.8-star overall rating thanks to its woven cotton build and stylish color-block design that can camouflage anything you can fit in it (it’s well-sized at 14 inches tall and 22 inches wide).


This Wood Repair Kit To Hide Scratches & Scuffs

Avoid costly purchases and repairs by covering and filling in scratches in furniture or floors with this wood repair kit. It comes with six markers and six wax sticks (plus a sharpener to keep them in tip-top shape) so you can fill in discolored surfaces or deep scuffs. They have a permanent finish in colors that can even be blended to match genuine wood in every tone from cherry to mahogany.


These Clean-Burning Pillar Candles

If you love the romantic vibe of burning candles but don’t necessarily love the scents or the smoke that comes with them, these pillar candles are a great alternative. They come in a set of three, each standing six inches tall and featuring a rustic texture that comes from being hand poured. In addition to being unscented, they also feature smokeless lead-free cotton wicks for a clean burn time of 70 hours. They’re available in six other colors within the listing.


This Sofa Cover That Stretches To Fit In 21 Colors

Keep your comfy couch from getting stained and ripped (or hide any existing damage) with this stretchy, machine-washable sofa cover that can fit over every corner. Its soft fabric will remain tight over any style of couch, and it features foam anchors inside to prevent wrinkling. It’s available in five sizes within the listing and 21 colors.


An Outlet Cover That’s Sleeker Than Your Standard Surge Protector

An easy way to make any room look better is by hiding messy cords. Plug them into this outlet cover and use its three-foot cord to hide everything underneath or behind furniture. It even comes with adhesive strips and cord clips to neatly secure it to the wall. It has a mini power strip attached so you can plug in three devices.


This Pantry Organizer That Makes Use Of Wasted Space

With 24 separate pockets, this pantry organizer can majorly declutter any pantry or closet. The over-the-door rack lets you save shelf space for larger items like cereal boxes as you pack away smaller items in the 7.5-inch tall clear slots. Just slip the stainless steel hooks over any door. It would be useful in linen closets to hold spare toiletries as well.


A Set Of Elegant Botanical Art Prints With A Glossy Finish

Create a cohesive style throughout your home by picking up a coordinating set of wall art like this set of botanical prints. Each print measures eight by ten inches and comes without a frame so you can customize them to your own liking (this is a well-rated set that will fit). Place one in each room to tie together your decor or create a gallery to finally fill up that blank wall.


This Set Of Geometric Floating Shelves To Declutter & Display

This set of two floating shelves can be used for decorative purposes or to declutter and add storage to any room. Each nearly 16-inch wide shelf features a wooden base and a metal backing with a modern geometric design. They come with all necessary mounting hardware and each one can hold 13 pounds.


Some Space-Saving Hooks Available In 4 Finishes

To make your kitchen look more professional, try grabbing the three-pack of under-cabinet hooks. The easily installed screw-on iron hooks give you 12 spaces to fill with mugs and utensils in total. The heavy-duty material is strong enough to hold any mug or kitchen tool without bending and they are also rust-resistant. They're available in black, white, brown, and gold within the listing.


A Crumb-Fighting, Heat-Resistant Stove Gap Cover

With this set of stove gap covers, cleaning up after cooking will no longer include trying to get to the crumbs and spills that fell between the stove and cabinets. The silicone pieces are heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and stay firmly in place during cooking and cleaning. They are available in matte black, white, and clear, and they are available in three lengths to fit your kitchen.


These Adhesive Tiles Reviewers Say Can Transform A Room

Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom backsplash with these peel-and-stick tiles that one reviewer raved, “Transformed my kitchen instantly.” The adhesive pieces are both waterproof and heat-resistant and they can even be applied on slightly textured walls. The classic rectangular shape comes in 16 different finishes, including several that look like marble. Each pack covers 7.4 square feet.


These Sturdy Brass Handles To Update Cabinets Or Furniture

Swap in these brass drawer handles all over the house for an instant (but impactful) upgrade. Underneath their shiny gold exterior is durable stainless steel that is resistant to scratches. They’re also built with deep screw holes for a tighter grip that won’t loosen over time. They come in larger (and smaller) packs in the same listing, as well as several different widths.


A Set Of Fancy-Looking Soap Dispensers With Waterproof Labels

Upgrade the elegance of your home with these matching soap dispensers that are also eco-friendly because they can be refilled instead of constantly purchasing plastic pumps. In addition to soap, the bottles can be used for body oils, creams, hand sanitizers, and more. They come with waterproof labels, and are also available in clear and cobalt blue glass within the listing.


Some Corner Grippers That Keep Rugs In Place

Not only do curled-up rugs ruin the clean look of a home but they also create a dangerous tripping hazard. These rug grippers flatten corners and keep rugs in place. Each piece has three layers, including a gel that can be reused over and over again simply by wiping it clean with rubbing alcohol. It also features a foam tip so you can still lift it easily when you want to clean underneath.


These Weather-Resistant Solar Lights That Are Easy To Install

To elevate the exterior of your home and make it easier (and safer) to walk up to your door, add this pack of solar lights to your cart. It comes with eight pieces that you can use to line your walkway or backyard for LED illumination that requires no wires. They can last for up to 10 hours at a time and can withstand all kinds of weather. They are also available in a 6-, 12-, and 16-pack within the listing.


A Bag Dispenser That Can Be Hidden In A Cabinet

Instead of letting all your plastic bags roam free in your drawers and cabinets, keep them contained in this bag dispenser. The brushed stainless steel won’t disrupt the look of your kitchen, but you can use the included screws or adhesive tape to mount it to the inside of a cabinet door or onto the wall of a pantry or closet. It holds up to 30 bags which can easily be pulled out through either one of the two openings.


These Velvet Pillow Covers Available In Over 40 Colors

One of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh look is by switching out your pillow covers. This set of two comes in velvet that adds a rich sheen to your couch or chairs and they have hidden zippers to maintain their clean lines. Add these inserts to complete the project for less than $30 in total.


A Set Of Woven Baskets With Natural Texture

These woven baskets prove that storage doesn’t have to be ugly. The pack comes with three different sizes so you have the space to line up your books in one room and stuff accessories in another. The set is eco-friendly too — each piece is handcrafted from recycled brown paper. Four other colors are available: Gray, white, green, and tan.


These Faux Plants With More Than 9,000 5-Star Reviews

If you love the look and feel of live plants but don’t have a green thumb, this pack of three faux plants is a great option. You won’t have to worry about them dying when you go away for the weekend and they come ready to be displayed in rustic pots. Each plant stands just under 10 inches tall, making them the perfect piece to fit small empty spaces. One reviewer raved, “These were way more impressive than I thought they would be!”


This Stainless Steel Cleaner With More Than 13,000 5-Star Reviews

This plant-based stainless steel cleaner uses ingredients including coconut oil to clean, polish, and protect surfaces. It removes streaks, smudges, and built-up residue to leave behind an eye-catching shine. And because it's scented with natural lavender, it will leave your kitchen smelling as good as it looks.