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14 Sex Toys To Try This Valentine's Day

Chocolates are perishable, pleasure lasts forever.

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When you think about the over-the-top romance of Valentine's day, vibrating butt plugs and adjustable nipple clamps may not be the first thing to come to mind. Yet, in the name of all things romantic, these sex toys to try this Valentine's Day are a perfect way to practice self-love. (They also work great with partners.)

Whether you're single as a pringle or just got hitched, bringing a new toy between the sheets can level up your sex life. While you already know your go-to favorite sex toy, trying something new, and switching up your masturbation routine can be a fun way to learn more about your body. (Your old favorite vibrator will still be there waiting for you.)

Though you can describe what feels good to a partner, literally showing them what works for your body will send them over the top. Additionally, using a toy during partner sex may ease your mind and let you get into the moment. With your favorite toy in hand, you're likely less stressed about if and when you're going to finish.

So on this Feb. 14, here are 14 sex toy options to cover literally everyone. Because chocolates and flowers are perishable, but pleasure lasts forever.

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The sex version of an Entenmann's mini-donut, Ohnut is a circle buffer made of skin-safe polymer. It can be used on penises, strap-ons, or your favorite vibrator, (as well as during anal) to make penetration less painful and more pleasurable.

If you're looking for a more hands-on approach to your sex toy game, glass toys can give you major stimulation without literal vibration. The ICICLE NO. 31 from Nox is great for g-spot action. Bonus: turned it around to use the texture part too!

If penetration's not your thing — you're in luck. Womanizer's LIBERTY by Lily Allen uses air vibrations to suck and massage your clit, without making physical contact.

A star-shaped toy like Starsi from enby will help you explore outside of gender norms and find new sources of pleasure. This shape is great for nipples, hips, necks, and all your other sexy spots.

Nothing says V-Day like diamonds. (Or a fake diamond incrusted vibrator this like Bodywand from Lylth. Don't be intimated by the size, wands are great for first-time or new sex toy uses. They're rumbly and foolproof and give deep vibrations.

For a minimalist look with maximal pleasure, the vibe from Maude had you covered. It's a no-frills toy that's #aesthetic enough to keep on your night stand, (though it may keep you up all night.)

Nothing says "Bondage for Beginners" like these bed restraints from Seduction by Lace. Unlike metal handcuff, cloth restraints can be more comfortable and allow you to move more when wearing them.

‌It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without butt stuff, right? For a solid plug that won't break the bank, check out Tango.

If you've been curious about strap-ons, something with an adjustable harness and different-sized shafts, like this playset from Overkink is perfect. Having different sizes lets you and your partner find what feels right for you.

Dame's Arc is all about g-spot stimulation and deep penetration. It's light and at an easy angle to hit your sweet spots without straining your wrist.

This paddle from Naughty Sinsations is to end your night with a bang, (or a spank?) Made of flexible material, this is a great toy for a kinky newbie or pro.

This bit from Unbound will add extra oomph to your partnered restraint play (or masturbation session.) Rather than a circular ball-gag, the straight line bit can be more comfortable.

A wearable vibrator like the We-Vibe Jive from Feelmore, is a great, hands-free toy for solo or partner play. You can wear it while getting frisky with a boo or use it to have your hand free to stimulate other body parts.

For a full-body sensation, nipple clips or clamps can be a gamchager. If you're new to clamps or not sure what type you like, easily adjustable clamps, like these from Good Vibrations are a great place to start.

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