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17 Types Of People Going Live On Your Instagram Feed Right Now
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It seems like just yesterday that you could venture outside, your ex wasn't all up in your DMs, and no one was intentionally using Instagram Live. From your old camp counselor who now professionally makes ceramics to your FWB that's unpacking Tiger King like a movie critic, the people going live on your Instagram feed are providing you with the content you never knew you needed (but are 100% watching because there's nothing else do to).

As more and more people observe stay-at-home orders, Americans are growing restless and hungry for human connection. Whether you're tempted to share your hobbies and skills with your followers or film yourself heating up a HotPocket, Instagram Live has become a sort of virtual watering hole for the duration of quarantine. Though it's hardly a complete shock to see that one guy from your hometown that's trying to become a rapper has wasted no time finding new ways to "spit game," most IG Lives can actually come as a wonderful and welcome surprise. (Shoutout to your freshman year college roommate's mom, her Border Collie Boris, and their adorable matching sweaters.)

Here are the 17 people going Live on your Instagram feed right now, so you can drop what you're doing and tune in.


That Guy Who Did Improv In College

I can assure you that even when the cameras aren't rolling, he's always doing a "bit."


2. That Popular Girl From High School Who Now Teaches Yoga

Honestly, she was way nicer than the rest of her friends, and her Livestream classes are kind of lit.


Your Ex, Unpacking 'Tiger King' With Their Current Partner

I have hives just thinking about this.


That Guy You Hooked Up With Once, Who Is Now Obsessed With Baking Bread

I will never have 14 hours to prime my ciabatta, but thanks for the content, Ryan!


That From Your Hometown Who Is An Aspiring Rapper

TBH, some of his songs slap.


Your Best Friend's Older Sister, CEO Of Inspirational Quotes

"Thank you all for sharing this beautiful morning with me today," she says to you, the only viewer.


Your Baby Cousin, Who Is Somehow A Senior In High School Now

Claire! Does Aunt Jackie know you have a cellphone? How did you become a TikTok celebrity?


Your Sibling's Partner, Who Just Got A Puppy

Is it too late to social distance together?


Your College Roommate's Mom Debra

Does she know she's live? Jury's still out.


Your Old Camp Counselor, Who Now Sells Ceramics

There's something so relaxing about seeing a mug made by the one person who has saved you from a kayaking incident.


That Artsy Girl From College Who's Etsy Famous

It's not really the time to be selling $300 used pants, Willow, but I'm not not going to watch your apartment tour.


The Artist Your Best Friend Got A Line Tattoo From

Their line work is so minimal and yet, so evocative!


That Guy You Matched With On A Dating App But Never Met IRL

If and when you're ever allowed to leave your house for a date, this could be a good way to see what he's like in person?


That International Kid From College Who's Always In Europe

Wait, how do they know Dua Lipa?! Am I missing something?


Your Friend From Middle School's Big Sister Who Makes Candles

Um, no, Victoria. I don't have a half-pound of bee's wax "lying around." But, sure — I'll watch you make candles for an hour. It's not like I have anything better to do.


Literally Anyone From 'The Bachelor'

It's like they all have their own reality TV shows now...


Your Childhood Librarian, Who Just Downloaded Instagram

I wait all day for "storytime." I feel like I'm in five again!