Can You Rewatch Live Instagram Videos? Here's What You Need To Know

If you’re part of the additional 50 million daily users who’ve hopped on the Instagram story train since April, you’re probably loving the self-contained fun of Instagram stories. Between face filters, hashtag stories, real-time content curation, and the option to bling out your photos with stickers and copy, one could spend hours spiraling down the rabbit hole of Instagram story content. In the past month alone, I myself have become a story pro, chronicling content hits like, “Pretty Sunset,” “Where The Eff Is The G Train?” and “OMG I Can’t Even With This Cute Dog.” And through a mixture of my own content curation and tuning into that of others, one burning question keeps popping up for me: can you rewatch live Instagram videos? Friends, I have good news: Instagram has heard your prayers, and they've answered them.

If you’re like me, and consider yourself firmly planted on Team Insta Story, you’re going to be petty stoked about Instagram’s latest announcement. Beginning Tuesday, users can now share replays of their live videos on Instagram stories for up to 24 hours after they originally air. Thanks to the new feature, your best moments don’t have to be one-hit-wonders, and can live on for all your followers to watch again. So, how do you use it?

1. Film A Live Video

Image courtesy of Instagram

Easy peasy! Just film a live video as you normally would.

2. When The Video Ends, Turn On The "Share" Feature

Image courtesy of Instagram

The new feature lets users share live moments on their stories for up to 24 hours after filming — the standard shelf life of a normal Insta story. After your broadcast wraps, simply toggle over to the "share" button at the bottom of the screen to add a replay to your Insta story. Not interested in chronicling your masterpiece? Toggle over to "Discard" to let the story expire as usual.

3. Let Your Friends Rewatch The Magic!

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Users can keep up with friends replaying live content by keeping an eye on their profile photos. A play button will appear under a user’s profile photo in the stories bar if they’ve shared a broadcast. Tap the play button to watch the original broadcast and browse through its comments and likes. The new feature also includes backtrack and fast-forward functions (up to 15 seconds) as well as an option to reply.

Multiple replays are denoted with arrows, which let you scan between the videos. And for those worried about view counts, Instagram says that the number of viewers will include live and replay views.

Image courtesy of Instagram

Instagram was optimistic about the new feature in a recent blog post, saying that, “Live video on Instagram is the best place to experience authentic, unfiltered moments with the people and accounts you care about most. [The update] preserves the ephemerality of live video while giving people more ways to connect and share in the moment.” And if Instagram's 250 million daily Story users are any indication, I'd say they're right.