10 Ab Workouts That Only Take 5 Minutes

They're short... but they're spicy.

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Trainers share their favorite 5 minute ab workouts.

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Only have time for a quick sweat? According to trainer Kim D’Agnese, doing a 5-minute ab workout three times a week will result in a massive difference in your core strength and overall posture. Here are 10 quick ab routines to try.


Full Ab Workout

Emily Skye says you’ll work the deep abs, lower abs, and obliques.

- Plank leg lifts, 30 seconds.

- Plank push-ups, 30 seconds.

- Sit-throughs. In crawl position, push left knee to right hand. Alternate sides, 30 seconds.

- Bicycle crunches, 30 seconds.

Repeat 2x.

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Plank Circuit

Trainer Kaitlyn Gannon says this workout engages your middle ab muscles.

- Folding chair, 20 seconds.

- Boat pose, 40 secs.

- Side plank crunch left, 20 secs.

- Side plank, 20 secs.

- Side plank crunch right, 20 secs.

- Side plank, 20 secs.

Repeat 2x.



Trainer Jessica Roberts says these moves hit all of your ab muscle groups.

- Bridges, lift and lower, 10x.

- Bridge + leg lift, 10x per leg.

- Planks, knee to opposite elbow, 10x.

- Kneeling sidekicks, 10x each.

- Swimming. On stomach, lift opposite arm and leg, 10x.


Kettlebell Set

A 5-minute ab workout from trainer Carrie Hall:

- Russian twists. While seated, hold kettlebell at chest, twist core, 45 secs.

- Butterfly sit-ups. Soles together, bell overhead, use momentum to sit up, 45 secs.

- Weighted halos, 45 secs.

- 2-minute plank hold.

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Abs & Legs

A core and lower body sesh from Ridge Davis:

- Forward lunge, twist torso to side. Switch legs.

- In plank, pull knee to same-side elbow.

- Reverse plank, crunch knee in, switch legs.

- Side plank dips, alternate sides.

- Bicycle crunches.

1 min. each, no rest between.

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Quickie Core Burn

Trainer Caley Crawford loves this core workout.

- Dead bugs.

- Flutter kicks on back.

- Hollow hold.

- Plank hold.

- Side plank on each side.

30 seconds each, repeat 2x.


Ab Challenge

Crawford recommends this sesh for a challenge.

- Turkish sit-ups. Lie back, knees bent, sit up as you push one dumbbell to sky.

- Flutter kicks with press up.

- Turkish sit-ups.

- Flutter kicks with press up.

- Plank hold.

50 seconds each, 10 seconds rest.



From trainer Lia Bartha:

- Diamond roll-ups, 10x.

- On back, legs in tabletop. Extend one leg, sweep it out & back to center, 10x per leg.

- On back, heels together, drop knees out, squeeze back in, 10x.

- Knee drops, drop knees to side, 10x.


Pilates Abs

D’Agnese likes the Pilates-style “series of 5”:

- Single-leg stretch, bring knee to chest, extend other leg, alternate legs, 10x.

- Double leg stretch, 10x.

- Leg lowers, 10x.

- Scissor leg stretch, reach hand to opposite foot, 10x.

- Criss cross, 20x.

Repeat 2x.

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Classic Crunches

Trainer Polina Andre recommends these simple moves:

- Classic floor crunches, 3 sets, 25 reps.

- Bicycle crunches, 3 sets, 20 reps.

- Fitness ball crunches. Stretch back on ball and contract abs by breathing out as you curl up, 3 sets, 12 reps.

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