6 Things You Can Do To Support 2020's Biggest Heroes

Because they deserve it.

Lately, it seems like all we hear about is bad news. But if 2020 has a silver lining, it's the fact that so many people are curious to learn ways to support their community's heroes. From the healthcare workers manning our hospitals, to the essential workers putting themselves in harm's way to make sure we have the supplies we need, there are so many people who deserve way more than just our gratitude.

Read on to learn simple, effective ways to support all of 2020's biggest heroes — from the ones making an impact on your community, to the ones who are making your home a happier place to be.

1. Help Delivery Workers Stay Fueled Up

And no, I'm not talking about actual fuel. From ordering our groceries online to buying up supplies for our work-from-home spaces, we've been doing plenty of online shopping since the beginning of the pandemic. To express gratitude to the busy delivery people who are working around the clock, try leaving out a basket of helpful supplies like nonperishable snacks or a gift card for a drive-through coffee spot that they can swing through during their shift.

2. Look Out For Our Teachers' Wellbeing

We've all had to adjust to a new normal over the past few months, but teachers have had to become especially agile. According to the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, a survey of 5,000 teachers in March of 2020 found that while they want to feel happy and inspired, they're most frequently feeling anxious.

When asked what would help tip the scale in the "happy" direction, the answers were simple: Our educators need our honesty, respect, flexibility, and patience. Next time you find yourself getting frustrated at that six-hour e-learning session, just remember that your child's teacher could be experiencing that stress 30 times over. Send them a few words of encouragement, and let them know that despite these drastic classroom changes, they're doing a great job.

3. Support Medical Professionals By Listening To Them

We've all heard great stories about buying meals for medical professionals or making home-made masks for medical facilities that are low on PPE. But as it turns out, the best thing we can do to support healthcare workers is to listen to their advice — and chances are that advice will vary depending on where you live. Maybe your local facilities could benefit from a PPE donation (call them to find out), or maybe they'll need your help spreading the word about their telehealth services. Either way, listening to their professional advice will ultimately benefit them in the long run.

4. Keep A Safe Space For Your Heroes At Home

Whether you're currently living with a hard-working community hero, quarantining with your parents, or even if you're just social distancing at home with a beloved roommate, offer them your support by keeping high-touch surfaces clean and safe. Use Clorox® Clean-up® Cleaner + Bleach to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that could be found in the home, then get back to spending some quality time together.

5. Follow Some Simple Rules At The Grocery Store

We already know the best practices while grocery shopping are to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash our hands and arms when we get home. But what about the best practices for interacting with the store's employees?

Support these essential workers by following a few extra safety guidelines. If possible, opt to pay with a credit card or with your phone so you don't have to worry about passing cash back and forth. And since many employees are responsible for supplying their own PPE, consider calling stores in your area to find out if they're accepting donations of masks, gloves, or face shields for their team members.

6. Tip Your Local Restaurant Industry Folks

Despite states being in various phases of reopening, many restaurant workers and bartenders are still working reduced hours — if at all. If you're beginning to safely visit your community's bars and restaurants, remember to tip them for their service via a credit card or payment app. For those who are uncomfortable going to bars or restaurants for any reason, but are still looking to help, consider donating to a relief fund that's working to support thousands of restaurant industry workers.

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