The Best Matcha Tea Sets

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While it isn’t difficult to make matcha tea at home, you’ll need a few tools if you want to make it like a pro. The best matcha tea sets come with a whisk, bowl, scoop, and sifter, which help create the best textures and flavors in your matcha tea.

The first essential tool you’ll need is the whisk, or chasen. Matcha whisks are traditionally made from soft bamboo, which allows them to be springy without breaking. The more prongs your whisk has, the better it will be at aerating the matcha for a deliciously foamy bowl. If you’re often making your matcha in a hurry or you’re just tired of getting a wrist workout every time you make a cup of tea, electric matcha whisks are also a great option that, while not traditional, is quick and easy to use.

Next, there's the matcha bowl, or chawan. Buying your bowl and whisk together ensures that their shapes will be designed to complement each other, which will make aerating the matcha easier. The scoop, or chashaku, also comes in a traditional style, and is designed to help you measure out the right amount of powder for every bowl. Finally, you'll need a sifter, which prevents your matcha powder from clumping up in hot water.

Finally, you can’t make matcha without matcha powder. To find good quality matcha, look for powder that's finely ground and comes in a tin or jar, which helps maintain freshness. Ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality and has a sweeter flavor, while culinary matcha is meant to be baked or cooked with rather than made into tea.

While whisk stands are not an essential tool, they’re a good addition to any matcha enthusiast’s arsenal. Delicate bamboo whisk prongs can get warped if they are not dried properly, and a whisk stand helps the whisk stay in shape while drying. Some sets also come with a tea towel, which can be laid out under your bowl to catch any spills.

Now that you know what you need, check out our list of the best matcha tea sets below.

1. The Best Complete Set For Getting Started

The Jade Leaf Complete Matcha Set has everything you need to make a delicious bowl of matcha at home. The whisk is made from bamboo and has 100 prongs, so you’ll be able to aerate your matcha with ease. This set also has a handmade stoneware bowl, a sifter, a traditional scoop, and a preparation guide with recipes, information on matcha grades, and more. The included 30 grams of ceremonial grade matcha is 100% USDA-certified organic and comes directly from family farms in Japan.

One fan raved: “I'm new to matcha tea. After reading about the benefits of matcha tea, I decided that I needed it in my life. Of course, I had no idea where to start...fear not! This starter set has you covered. After receiving it, I was making my own matcha tea within 15 minutes. The instructions are great, the quality is wonderful, and the customer service is top notch. So, if you are new to matcha or want to give the gift of matcha to someone, this is the set for you. Well done!”

2. A Budget Set With Over 4,000 Fans On Amazon

This simple BambooWorx set is perfect for anyone looking to make matcha on a budget. It includes a whisk, spoon, and scoop, so you have the essentials you need to start making tasty bowls at home. Although this set is less expensive than the others on this list, it still has a whisk made from bamboo with approximately 100 prongs. While there is no sifter included, you can use the spoon to help stir up some of the powder clumps in your bowl, as well as to stir your tea when it starts to settle. Note that it doesn't include matcha powder, so you'll need to buy that separately.

One fan raved: “[...] Had been looking for a set to replace my old one from Japan that had become worn out. This is a very high quality set. You have the necessary three pieces needed to set a proper tea for yourself and friends. The wood is high quality, and of the correct size. Don't degrade/punish yourself using a metal spoon--purchase this carefully made set. Already had requests from friends to know where I bought it. Will likely order another set as a gift later on. Highly recommended!”

3. A Minimalist Modern Matcha Set

For quick and easy matcha preparation, try this modern matcha set. The simple stainless steel scoop and the electric whisk are not only efficient, but also sleek and minimalist. This set includes 50 grams of finely ground ceremonial grade matcha powder, and the brand sells four other matcha tea flavors as well. The powder comes packaged in a recyclable glass jar with an aluminum lid. Note that the electric whisk does require two AAA batteries, which are not included.

One fan raved: “Fantastic product! The Matcha tea is the best I have tasted and the accompanying accessories are very high quality. Well worth the money.”

4. A Stunning Tool Set For Matcha Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for a traditional set that comes with all the tools and accessories, the LTLR Matcha Set is the pick for you. This set includes a handmade ceramic bowl, bamboo whisk, bamboo scoop, and sifter, so you have everything you need to make a delicious bowl of matcha. Beyond the essentials, it also includes a duck-shaped scoop holder, a floral tea towel, and a ceramic whisk holder. While this set has all the tools you could need, note that it does not include matcha powder.

One fan raved: “[...] Everything looks exactly as it is pictured. The cup/bowl is really what had me eyeing this set. I also liked the two-tone aesthetic of the whisk compared to most other whisks that are a simple light bamboo color. This gives it a little more character. It works great too. The sifter works very well with the curvature of the chashaku. You can easily press your matcha into it and get a perfectly broken up powder into the bowl.

Also Great: Ceremonial-Grade Matcha That Comes With A Whisk

This Naoki matcha set is perfect for anyone who is looking for just the basics or for more experienced users trying to refresh their supplies. The whisk is made from bamboo, so it's a great replacement for when your old one starts to warp. This set also includes 40 grams of organic ceremonial matcha powder, which is sourced from Japan. This matcha powder has tasting notes of a balanced nutty flavor with a touch of bitterness for a traditional taste. Naoki also makes a variety of other matcha blends with tasting notes that range from lightly sweet to intense dark cacao.

One fan raved: “This is the best at-home matcha I've ever had. The bamboo [whisk] that comes with this kit seamlessly stirs the matcha. I've had electric bamboo whisks before and my matcha always comes out clumpy. With one use of this whisk, my matcha came to a seamless silky texture. Second, the matcha itself tastes incredible. I'm impressed with the quality. After one sip I've become hooked on this brand, and am DEFINITELY going to try more flavors/buy more of this in bulk!”