The 6 Best Mini Humidifiers That Are Perfect For Small Spaces

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Adding moisture to the air with a humidifier can soothe dry skin and sinuses, but if you have limited space, you may not need a full-size humidifier. Measuring as small as 2.8 inches in diameter, the best mini humidifiers take up minimal space and boast helpful features like adjustable misting modes, built-in night lights, and tanks that are easy to fill and clean. Here are a few things you may want to consider as you shop for a mini humidifier.

The sizes of mini humidifiers vary, and the options on this list range from a slim 2.8 inches to 10 inches wide. Keep in mind, the smaller the footprint, the smaller the water tank, which usually translates to a shorter run time. With that said, certain features like adjustable misting modes offer the choice between constant and intermittent mist output, which can help increase run time.

Most of the options on the list are ideal for desks or nightstands, but if you travel or commute by car frequently, a portable humidifier is a convenient way to treat the air in smaller spaces. Some styles are battery-operated or rechargeable, so you don’t need to have access to a wall socket, and some are designed to fit in car cupholders. For hotel stays, you might want to consider a tankless option that connects to a standard water bottle, as these generally take up less space in luggage to help you pack light.

All of the picks below are cool-mist humidifiers, and cleaning them regularly is important for preventing the growth of bacteria and mold, so look for a tank with a wide opening that allows you to easily scrub and rinse the interior. With all that in mind, here are the six best mini humidifiers that will satisfy a range of functional and aesthetic preferences.

1. The Fan-Favorite Mini Humidifier

  • Dimensions: 3.4 x 3.4 x 6 inches
  • Coverage: up to 65 square feet
  • Run time: up to 8 hours

Boasting more than 25,000 reviews and a 4.6-star overall rating, GENIANI’s cool-mist humidifier features a 250-milliliter twist-on tank that holds enough water to run for up to eight hours. Reviewers liken the size of the tank to a large drinking glass and, though it tapers slightly at the top, several have noted that it’s both easy to fill and clean. The transparent design also lets you know when the water level is getting low. The humidifier is powered by a USB cord which makes it highly portable and can even work in your car, where it will fit in cupholders up to 3.4 inches in diameter. Keep in mind, though, it’s not rechargeable, so if you want to take it on the go, you will need access to a power source. Two misting modes — continuous and intermittent — allow you to customize the humidifier’s output to your environment, and it has an optional night light in the event you want to use it by your bed.

A reviewer wrote: “I added this to my bedside table and it’s perfect. Very small, so it fits great, but powerful and worked just as well as a normal humidifier.”

2. A Mini Humidifier With A Larger Tank

  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 5 inches
  • Coverage: not listed
  • Run time: up to 18 hours

Available in four colors, this cool-mist humidifier from SmartDevil has a slightly larger tank than most mini models, capable of holding up to 500 milliliters and running for up to 18 hours when set on the intermittent mode and up to 12 on continuous mist. Still, it only measures a compact 3.7 inches across and 5 inches high. The two-part, twisting design makes it easy to fill, clean, and secure to the transparent water base. The integrated night light can be used alone or in conjunction with the humidifier’s misting action, and it can also be turned off completely. An automatic shutoff kicks in when the tank runs out of water, so you don’t have to remember to turn it off.

A reviewer wrote: “This is the perfect size for a desktop humidifier. The tank is larger and lasts an entire work day on the low setting. Extremely quiet too. Definitely recommend!”

3. This Rechargeable Humidifier That’s Great For On-The-Go Use

  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 2.8 inches
  • Coverage: not listed
  • Run time: up to 4 hours on a single charge

With a wireless design and a rechargeable battery that runs for up to four hours continuously on a single charge, this is the best portable humidifier on the list. The narrow, cylindrical shape of the cool-mist humidifier fits in a car cupholder, is easy to pack and, when in use, has a tilting design that lets you direct the mist where you like. The 260-milliliter water tank is simple to fill and can be set to mist continuously or intermittently. The humidifier’s auto-shutoff feature kicks in after eight hours if you choose to keep it plugged into a power source. This pick comes in your choice of two colors — white and green — and has a built-in optional night light with seven color choices (you can select one or set it to cycle through them all). Due to the slim 2.8-inch diameter of the tank, it is easiest to clean it using a bottle brush, and some reviewers have mentioned using a cotton swab to clean the mister’s opening.

A reviewer wrote: “It’s lightweight, you can adjust the angle, can last through the night, and is so simple to use. Easy to refill. Makes absolutely no noise...”

4. A Mini Cactus Humidifier

  • Dimensions: 3.1 x 5.5 inches
  • Coverage: not listed
  • Run time: up to 5.5 hours (but automatically shuts off after 4 hours)

This cute cactus humidifier has a 280-milliliter tank and a single continuous output setting that can humidify small areas quickly. It’s powered via a mini-USB cord, which allows you to connect it to a laptop, car charger, or power bank for portable humidification, and it automatically shuts off after four hours of use. However, this cool-mist humidifier is not rechargeable, so you’ll need to keep it plugged in to a power source while using it. It has a built-in night light that can be turned off, and the top screws off, so you can easily clean the tank. If you’re looking for an option that’ll cheer up your desk, this just might be the best personal humidifier for you.

A reviewer wrote: “So I got this little guy for my desk and it is perfect! Puts a great amount of cool mist into the air. I got the one with the soft light too, it's so cute. It's very quiet and lasts almost the whole day. I usually fill it once in the morning and refill around lunch-time or so. It's wonderful!”

5. A Portable Water Bottle Humidifier That’s Great For Travel

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches (without water bottle)
  • Coverage: up to 160 square feet
  • Run time: up to 6 hours with a 16.9-ounce standard water bottle

Rather than a built-in tank, this cool-mist option from Pure Enrichment converts standard plastic water bottles into the water source for easy on-the-go humidification — which definitely makes this the best travel humidifier if you’re frequently packing a suitcase. Bottles as large as 20 ounces thread directly into the base (although the manufacturer recommends using a standard 16.9-ounce water bottle), which has a misting output dial that can be adjusted using a small knob. The humidifier runs for up to six hours with a 16.9-ounce water bottle, then automatically shuts off when the water runs out.

This humidifier has a compact design that fits easily into a bag or suitcase, and it includes an AC adapter, cleaning brush, and storage bag, making it a great option for travelers. The base also has a built-in night light in a shade of soft blue, but note that it can’t be turned off. As long as you’re using a fresh bottle of water with this humidifier, you won’t have to worry about cleaning a tank, however a brush is included for cleaning the inside of the base.

A reviewer wrote: “I use this when I travel to dry climates - or cool ones with forced heat. I’m from Florida and my skin is used to a little moisture in the air. It’s small, light and works well in my hotel room! A great gadget for travel!”

6. A Whimsical Cloud Humidifier With A Larger Tank

  • Dimensions: 10 x 5.5 x 7 inches
  • Coverage: up to 250 square feet
  • Run time: up to 24 hours

With a 4.6-star overall rating after nearly 3,000 reviews, this cloud-shaped cool-mist humidifier from Pure Enrichment plugs into any wall socket and has a 1.8-liter water tank, the largest one featured here, and an adjustable mist-flow dial. On the lowest setting, the humidifier can operate continuously for up to 24 hours, and it can run for up to 15 hours when on high — however, there’s no intermittent option. An auto-shutoff function kicks in when the water tank is empty, and the wide opening makes it easy to fill and clean by hand. The humidifier’s optional LED night light can be set to a single color, or you can rotate between eight tones for a colorful ambiance. Keep in mind that, in addition to the tank, the base of this humidifier is the biggest option on the list, measuring 10 inches wide.

A reviewer wrote: “Affordable, quiet, beautiful light changing cloud with cool mist. Small and easy to clean. Just what I was looking for.”