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The 4 Best Sex Toys for Travel Of 2023

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Written by Bustle Editors

Whether you’re flying solo or traveling with your partner, it’s never a bad idea to pack a toy or two. Many newer products offer travel locks, so your bag doesn’t emit mysterious buzzing while you’re trying to get through security. (On that note, it’s not a bad idea to pack any vibrators, dildos, or rings in a clear plastic bag; bondage-themed accessories like cuffs, on the other hand, might be better off in your checked bag, just to be on the safe side.) The following are our testers’ favorite small-yet-mighty sex toys, which are all teensy enough to easily fit in your bag. Happy travels!

If you want luxe, you want Lelo. This is one of the schmanciest sex toy brands around, and if you’re only going to pack one vibe with you on your travel adventures, why not make it a really good one? The Lelo Sona 2 Travel is a mini version of the Lelo Sona Cruise, which means it features the same fancy sonic-wave tech but in a carry-on-friendly compact form. (Many clitoral stimulators require you to make direct contact, but with the Sona 2 Travel — just like with the Sona Cruise — you can feel the sonic pulses even if you just hover over your target area.) “Easy to pack, and I appreciate the fact that it locks, so it wouldn’t start buzzing in my bag,” says one BDG staffer. “I like to travel light, but I’ll definitely be tucking this toy into my luggage from now on.”

This little number is another clitoral stimulator that delivers the goods (read: a suction sensation designed to emulate oral sex) without direct contact to the clitoris, thanks to Womanizer’s Pleasure Air tech. “It was easy to use and did a decent job simulating oral sex,” says one BDG staffer. As a nice bonus for travel, it also comes with a handy cover; alas, one of our testers thought it didn’t stay on very well. “This feels like a really high-tech tool in a relatively tiny package,” says another tester, who appreciated that the cover made the device feel discreet enough for travel. “No second glances from airport security (thank God).”

Yes, we could talk about this vibe’s 10 different intensity settings or the pleasing shiny shades of red, silver, and purple (plus a cool matte black). We could talk about its surprising intensity considering its diminutive stature, at 2.25 inches wide and 4 inches tall. But, really, we need to talk about the price: This little number is $16.99. Buy all four shades and stuff them in your carry-on. OK, one more perk we need to discuss: One of our testers noted that because it’s so small, it was great for solo play or for use during intercourse with her male partner. “We were able to kind of wedge it between us,” this tester said. “10/10 recommend.”

This one is a pebble massager, designed to stimulate a wider range of areas than, say, a bullet massager with a more cylindrical shape and tapered tip. (Nice to have a multi-use tool in your travel kit, right?) Also handy for travel, the Mon Ami Personal Massager comes with a travel lock feature, saving you from potential awkward moments in transit. The relative flatness of the pebble shape (it’s about 1 inch thick) means it’s easy to stow away in your bag. What’s not to like?

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