Big Vagina Energy Is A Thing Now

Welcome to the movement you never knew you needed.

Attention, humans with vaginas: Your body has power. You know that, we know that, and it’s about time that power had a name. That’s right: We’ve entered the age of Big Vagina Energy, when anyone and everyone with a vagina is encouraged to own the conversation around their health and well-being — for better, for worse, and anywhere in between.

Gone are the days when it’s considered shameful or taboo to talk about certain topics, particularly those related to vaginas. If you find yourself dealing with a monumental monthly period — bloating, cramping, a generalized feeling of wanting to bury yourself in a hole for three to five days, let’s talk about it. If you worry about your waning interest in sex, well, take comfort in the fact that so do many other people! And let’s talk about that, too. If you’re interested in taking care of your vagina like the precious, pristine gem of a body part that it is, why not say it loud and proud? In other words, instead of brushing issues like low libido, period bloating, and pH imbalance under the rug, imagine a world in which we discuss these all-too-common health issues unapologetically, without a hint of shame or embarrassment.

This, friends, is Big Vagina Energy.

And, while we’re on the subject of BVE, why not also talk about the health products that support this long-overdue movement? And no, we don’t mean the giant bottle of pills you hide under the sink that says ‘Diuretic’ or ‘UTI Relief’ in big, black letters across the front (though there’s a time and place for those, too). I’m talking about something different — a new way to tend to your vagina, and one that you’ll never want to hide away in the medicine cabinet.

Enter OLLY, the supplement brand built on the idea of wellness from the inside out. OLLY has a range of products that perfectly tie into our new BVE mindset by way of increasing libido, decreasing menstruation-related bloating, and creating a dedicated wellness routine to maintain vaginal health and pH balance.

With products that approach vaginal wellness in a straightforward but celebratory way, OLLY is on a mission to remind people that Big Vagina Energy isn’t about claiming everything that happens with your body is sunshine and butterflies (because let’s face it, it isn’t). It’s not about changing or diminishing the inevitable ups and downs — instead, it’s about viewing vaginal health as overall health and feeling powerful no matter what comes your way.

For an all-purpose dose of Big Vagina Energy, check out Happy Hoo-Ha, a blend of clinically studied probiotics that helps create a healthy balance of good bacteria and maintain healthy vaginal pH levels. Happy Hoo-Ha contains two strains of microbiome-supporting lactobacilli (which is already found naturally in the vaginal tract), making it perfect for those who need little extra support down there.

TL;DR: Instead of quietly skulking to the pharmacy, get your daily dosage of Happy Hoo-Ha in and let the BVE radiate off of your gorgeous being.

For those looking for a bit of a boost between the sheets, OLLY also offers Lovin’ Libido, which contains a blend of botanical extracts that support a healthy sex drive and sensation. Lovin’ Libido includes ashwagandha (supports arousal and stimulation), damiana (a plant with a long history of use for its aphrodisiac properties) and maca (traditionally used to support energy and libido*). With all of this lovin’ energy, it’s no surprise that reviews include phrases like “Life-changing,” “Total 180 in my sex drive,” and the all-too-telling “Wow.”

And, if your needs are decidedly less sexy, never fear: OLLY even has a supplement for perhaps the most obnoxious vaginally-adjacent issue: period bloating. Beat The Bloat harnesses the power of digestive enzymes, dandelion, ginger, and fennel to help ease gas and bloating — and more importantly help you and your body feel a bit less puffy and pressed during that time of the month*.

Like we said: Vaginas have power, even on their absolute worst days. So why not honor that power by saying a collective ‘goodbye’ to the shame, the embarrassment, and the selling-yourself-short of it all?

Big Vagina Energy levels, consider yourself rising.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.