Donald & Melania Trump Test Positive For Coronavirus

The President announced the news via Twitter.

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In news announced via Twitter at 12.54 a.m. EST on Oct. 2, U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Trump, who is currently in the midst of the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, took to social media to share his results, saying: "Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!"

It's reported that the President and First Lady were already in quarantine ahead of the test results after his aid Hope Hicks tested positive for the virus.

At 74 years old, the President would be classed as "high risk" when it comes to complications with COVID-19.

The President's physician Dr. Sean Conley has confirmed that the pair are "both well at this time" and will be remaining at home inside the White House "during their convalescence."

In a statement released by The White House, Dr. Conley said he expects the president to "continue carrying out his duties without disruption."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tweeted his well-wishes to President Trump this morning. "My best wishes to President Trump and the First Lady. Hope they both have a speedy recovery from coronavirus," he wrote.

President Trump's test results come just one month ahead of the U.S. presidential elections results, where Trump will face Democratic candidate Joe Biden. It's not certain how the COVID-positive result will affect his campaign engagements going forward.

Per the World Health Organisation, the U.S. has seen more than 7 million positive cases of the coronavirus and over 200,000 deaths. Trump has notably been reluctant to embrace some preventative measures such as wearing masks during the pandemic.

Per the New York Times, when asked about mask-wearing, the President said to the Fox News host Chris Wallace: "I don’t agree with the statement that if everybody wears a mask, everything disappears."

Trump also spoke about mask wearing at the presidential debate on Sept. 29. “When needed, I wear masks. I don’t wear masks like him,” he said, pointing to Biden. “Every time you see him, he’s got a mask. He could be speaking 200 feet away from them, and he shows up with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen.”

President Trump isn't the first world official to test positive for Covid-19. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to Intensive Care following his battle with the coronavirus in April. Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has also tested positive for the virus.