20 Freaky Sexts To Drive Your Partner Wild Before Your Next Hookup

#16 is guaranteed to stir things up.

Send these freaky texts to bae to drive them wild before your next hookup.

When you’re gearing up for a hookup, whether it be with your partner or someone new, you don’t always jump right in the sheets and get to it — sometimes, the best method is the “slow burn” (if you need examples, spicy BookTok has plenty under the hashtag #slowburn). Taking your time, communicating your desires, and letting things unfold naturally are all important elements of the main event. Proper foreplay is crucial, and what better way to get things going than some steamy sexting? You’ll want to get creative when brainstorming some freaky texts to send to bae.

Sexting can truly be an art form if you hone your skills. According to board-certified sexologist Dr. Gloria Brame, sending your partner steamy texts is a great form of foreplay. “Instead of foreplay with your body, it is foreplay with your erotic imagination,” she says. “It lets sexy ideas, emotions, and desires be communicated even when you're apart. And it brings instant gratification because you can turn them on whenever you send a sext — and can get instantly thirsty just reading what they sent.”

Especially if you’re looking to gain more sexual confidence and up your kink factor, sexting your partner is a great option. As Dr. Brame tells Bustle, “For some people, it's easier to blurt things out in text that they'd be too shy to say in person.” If you’re needing some inspiration, here are 20 freaky texts to send.


“I can’t wait to feel your mouth on me tonight.”

When To Send It: First thing in the morning to amp up the sexy anticipation.


“I need to taste you ASAP.”

When To Send It: In the middle of the day, when you know it might catch them off guard and turn them on.


“At work and can’t stop thinking about how wildly hot last night was.”

When To Send It: When you’re daydreaming about them at work.


“Your c*ck. My mouth. Your place, 8pm.”

When To Send It: When you’re channeling your inner dominatrix and you know you’re both free tonight.


“You have no idea how badly I want you right now.”

When To Send It: When you haven’t seen each other in a while and want to get the sexy conversation going.


“I’m soaking wet for you right now.”

When To Send It: Before you have a date night, so they can’t wait to rip your clothes off.


“My sweet-tooth is craving something… I think it’s your p*ssy.”

When To Send It: When they’re out grabbing breakfast or coffee and ask for your order.


“Currently touching myself thinking about you. Just thought you should know.”

When To Send It: During the weekend to make them blush while they’re out with friends.


“I’m in bed and picturing all the filthy things I want to do with you. Just thought you should know! Sweet dreams.”

When To Send It: Right before you both go to bed, when you’re sleeping apart and want them to have dirty dreams about you.


“I’m at the grocery store, should I get you a blow job or would you prefer one tonight?”

When To Send It: When you’re going to see them that night and want to drive them wild.


“All I can think about right now is feeling you inside me.”

When To Send It: After you’ve recently hooked up and want to keep the intensity going.


“Please be naked when I get home.”

When To Send It: When you’re on your way home and ready to go at it.


“Your mouth is magic, I need your lips and tongue all over me.”

When To Send It: After a super steamy night together and you want to give their skills a compliment.


“Sex with you is all I need right now, can I see you tonight?”

When To Send It: When you don’t have plans together but you’re dying to do the deed.


“I can’t wait to feel your skin on mine.”

When To Send It: When you’re feeling more intimate and want to bring in the passion.


“I’m not wearing any underwear. Do with that information what you will.”

When To Send It: If you’re out together but you want to get home and get them in the sheets ASAP.


“I’m stuck in traffic and the only thing keeping me sane is thinking about what I want to do to you tonight.”

When To Send It: When you’re in the car for a while and in the mood, but you want to leave some things to the imagination.


“If I buy this massage oil, will you rub me all over with it?”

When To Send It: When you’ve sent a picture of a scented oil to them while you’re out and want to get them excited.


*Record and send a short voice note of you moaning during a self-pleasure session*

When To Send It: When you can’t help but touch yourself thinking about them and you definitely want them to know.


“Do you remember the night in the laundry room? Let’s recreate that as soon as I get home from work.”

When To Send It: When you’re in the mood and want to remind them of a sexy memory.


Dr. Gloria Brame, Ph.D, board-certified sexologist