21 Funny Morning Texts To Send Your Crush

Break the ice with a witty AM message.

Sending a funny morning text will brighten your crush's day.
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When you’re smitten for someone new, you may already wake up smiling. And whether you’ve been out a few times or exchanged numbers after matching on Hinge, sending your crush a funny morning text is sure to brighten their day. And according to Trina Leckie, relationship coach and host of the Breakup BOOST podcast, sending a morning message is also great way to get the flirting ball rolling.

“Texting in the morning shows your crush that they’re on your mind, which feels good if they like you,” Leckie tells Bustle. “It puts you top of their mind at the start of the day.”

As Leckie shares, using humor with a crush can break the ice and help you both feel more comfortable chatting. “People love to laugh, and are attracted to a great sense of humor,” she says. “Plus, you can see if your humor is similar and that’s a great way to grow that bond.”

If you have witty back and forth with this person, testing the waters over text can help you better understand your crush’s sense of humor. And if you need some inspiration, here are 21 funny — but still flirty — morning messages.


Do you think my boss will notice if I work from bed?

Try making a cheeky comment about working in bed or lounging around the house. As Leckie says, “Keep it light, fun, and a little flirty. Be positive and maintain good energy.”


My trick for getting out of bed is setting my phone on the other side of the room and playing “Barbie Girl” on repeat so I have to get up to turn it off. What’s yours?

Sending a funny message about your morning routine gives them a little insight into your life, and asking about theirs moves the conversation forward.


I just belted all of Olivia Rodrigo’s album in the shower...oops

If you’ve talked about your favorite guilty pleasure tunes, let them know when you’re rocking out.


How much do I need to Venmo you to come bring me a coffee?

If you haven’t hung out yet, see if they’re down for a coffee date in a lighthearted way.


My roommate always uses all the hot water. Thinking I turn the plumbing off the next time she’s in the shower?

There’s no bonding like bonding over a bad roommate. If they always eat your oatmeal or use all your face wash, share it with your crush to spark a conversation.


Can I eat cake for breakfast? That’s like a pastry right?

Asking a silly question gets a conversation going and checks your crush’s vibe. “If they are being receptive and engaging, that shows they’re interested,” Leckie says. “If they’re not really responding or being very short, pick up on that.”


I may or may not have watched One Tree Hill all night and never actually fell asleep.

Casually sharing what you did the night before is an easy way to say, “So...what did you do last night?”


Spilled my entire coffee on myself, so that’s how my morning is going.

If you’re feeling extra spicy, send a selfie for proof.


I thought you texted me while I was in the shower and got excited, but it was just a low balance alert from my bank app.

This lets your crush know you’re happy when they text, but in a low-key and lighthearted way. “Just as in real life, you need to inspire an emotional response from someone to build a connection,” Damona Hoffman, official OkCupid dating coach and host of The Dates & Mates Podcast tells Bustle. “Emotion doesn't have to be a romantic connection on par with The Notebook.”


How long would it take you to make a hologram of me so I never need to leave my house?

Asking about your crush’s skills or talents, while giving them a laugh, lets them know you’re paying attention.


I tried to do a guided meditation last think I can manifest myself a latte?

This sets up the perfect in for your crush to bring you a coffee, or to make more jokes about vision boards.


What hot sauce is best on a breakfast sandwich? There is a right answer.

Letting your crush settle a debate is a win-win. Either they agree with you or they don’t and you get to playfully tease them.


Do you think anyone will notice if I wear pajamas to work?

Leckie says that sending over a random, silly message is a great way to keep your cool as you flirt. “Don’t overdo it,” she says. “Popping up randomly maintains some mystery and keeps things more exciting.”


You think my professor will believe me if I say I got caught in a sharknado?

If you’ve talked about cheesy movies or bad TV before, make a reference back to a previous convo. “Sparking feelings of nostalgia is bonding, whether it's reminding them of a memory or calling back something you experienced together,” Hoffman says. “Use gifs, memes and especially call-backs to the last time you were together or something you're looking forward to doing with them to inspire bonding.”


My roommate tricked me into eating some of her raw, vegan scones — and they tasted like chalk. You wanna get breakfast?

Making a joke about your (lack of) breakfast is an easy-breezy way to ask for a date.


Do you think today’s the day I get into “meal prep”?

If your crush is super Type A, ask them for some organizational help.


I swear, I somehow always have a full bladder and a phone on 1%.

A self-depreciating joke shows your crush you don’t take yourself too seriously.


I’m eating M&M’s for breakfast. Don’t tell my mom.

Let them know you can joke and send them something sweet. “Showing humility and self-awareness is a very desirable quality so when you show you have a sense of humor (even about yourself) that can make your crush see you in a positive light,” Hoffman says.


If I made my own lunch every day I could afford like, Hulu with no ads or something.

If your crush is a wiz in the kitchen, let them know you could use their help.


I spent $40 on a silk eye mask from Anthropologie, and yet, I still didn’t get any R.E.M.

Sending a short text that doesn’t need a response lets your date know you’re thinking of them but don’t expect a full convo first thing in the morning. “Texting non-stop is as though you’ve got nothing else going on in your life,” Leckie says.


I fell asleep on the couch watching Love Island and now my neck hurts.

See if your crush can get down with your bad TV.


Trina Leckie, relationship coach and host of the ‘Breakup BOOST’ podcast

Damona Hoffman, official OkCupid dating coach and host of The Dates & Mates Podcast