11 Cute Ways To Wish Your Crush Good Morning

Talking to someone new? Here’s how to craft the perfect wake-up text.

A woman texts her crush good morning. An expert weighs in on how to send a good morning text
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You’ve got a brand new crush, and talking to them every day has been a throwback to high school loves of old. You definitely want to date them, and texting every day late into the night is definitely not purely platonic. They’re on your mind pretty much all the time, especially when you wake up, but how do you send a good morning text without being too much, too fast?

“When people are getting to know someone, there might be a hesitancy to be open,” says psychotherapist Lillyana Morales, L.M.H.C. But that fear can mean your “good morning, sweet crush of mine” texts never get sent — or worse, that they come off as you “just being nice.”

Morales tells Bustle that if you’re trying to be the first thing on your crush’s mind in the morning, think about your texts as yet another way to get to know your would-be boo. If they would prefer your pre-coffee salutations to come in after they’ve been caffeinated, the beginning of your relationship is a great time to find that out. If they’re someone who loves pet names, the earlier you know, the more fun you can have calling them sweetie. “Imagine how much time and trouble you save by setting a solid foundation,” Morales says.

Figuring out how to text your crush, especially early in the relationship, can be a handful. But Morales tells Bustle that there’s no such thing as the perfect message to say to the person who’s got your heart racing — just be you. To save yourself some early morning stress, check out these 11 good morning text ideas to send your crush.


“Good morning!”

Short, simple, and to the point — you can’t go wrong here. Add a goofy emoji of your choice if you don’t really want to agonize over whether now is too soon for heart eyes. Try the sunglasses emoji to wish them a sunny, effortlessly cool day.


“I was thinking about how much you like [insert thing they like here], so enjoy!”

There’s nothing like checking your phone in the morning to find a GIF of a panda in a hammock. Show your crush that you pay attention to what they like, and maybe they’ll get the hint that you like them.


“I hope you have a wonderful day.”

Adding the “I hope” here personalizes your well wishes, Morales says. And you definitely want your good morning texts to be, ahem, personal.


“Morning! I know you have a lot going on today — I believe in you!”

When you know they’ve got that stressful work presentation, it might be the time to break out the cutesy emojis to give them that little extra smile. Because the rest of the text is so supportive, that solid red heart probably won’t seem so forward.


“Looking forward to hugging you today!”

Got a hangout or date scheduled for later today? Morales says that when your person’s love language is physical touch, you can remind them that you’re open to IRL affection — even if they’re not waking up next to you just yet.


“I hope you slept well!”

It’s nice, it shows you care, and it’s just a little intimate. In other words, it strikes a great balance of “be mine” and “hope you’re doing well, bro.”


“Hey you [insert emoji here].”

A heart will make this good morning text sincere and (literally) heart-warming. A winky face will do something else entirely. You can always go with a classic smile if you’re looking for that happy middle ground.


“Thinking of you.”

Morales says that especially if your crush’s love language is words of affirmation, letting them know you’re waking up with them on your mind can be as simple as saying so. It might be too early to add a winky face to the end of this one, but going emoji-less keeps it pretty sweet.


“Good morning! You’re amazing!”

Who doesn’t want to be reminded that they’re awesome first thing in the morning? Sending some boss energy your crush’s way will help you both start your day with a smile.


“Morning [insert selfie here].”

Not for the faint of heart, the morning photo is to be reserved for when you’re already on a selfie-sending basis with your crush. Try a smile with your cup of coffee if you want to err on the cautious side, or go for a bleary but adorable just-waking-up smile if you’re feeling extra brave.


“Good morning, beautiful.”

Ah yes, the remix of the classic that’s bound to get their heart fluttering. Save this one for when you’re a bit more familiar with each other — pressing send will make your heart skip, too.


Lillyana Morales, L.M.H.C., M.A. in mental health counseling, psychotherapist