15 Funny Relationship Memes To Send Your Partner

They’re the perfect mix of silly and sentimental.

funny relationship memes will make your partner's day.
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You’ve already texted your partner about the family barbecue this weekend, the broken shower curtain rod, and your annoying coworker who always finds a way to interrupt you during meetings — and it’s not even lunchtime yet. So if you’re trying to make your partner laugh (and you feel like killing some time before your next call) these funny relationship memes are the perfect mixture of silly and sentimental.

Whether you’ve just decided to define the relationship or you’ve already exchanged your vows, sending your partner funny texts can help you feel more connected during the day. With work, school, family, food shopping, and everything else you do in a week, taking a minute to laugh with the one you love can help you relax and recenter.

Plus, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a good meme is worth at least a million. No matter how long you and your partner have been together or how serious you are, sending your significant other a silly meme that describes your relationship lets them know you’re thinking about them. Here are 15 funny relationship memes to send to your love when you’re bored at work.


For when the heatwave is as hot as your love life.

When is fall again?


For your Type A cutie that organizes their grocery lists by aisle.

It’s truly a skill.


When you try your best not to watch your show, but you’re only human.

Sometimes you just have to skip ahead and ask for forgiveness later.


When you love your fiancé, you just don’t love seating charts.

It can wait — can’t it?


To your non-binary babe who’s *almost* as cute as a baby raccoon.



When you’ve already sent the simp eyes emojis a dozen times that day.

Is there anything cuter?


Some not-so-subtle encouragement for your partner to have a weekend away.

It’s a true staycation.


For your boo that likes to be in your business and your dishes.

It’s a creative way to not help with chores.


Some style inspo for meeting the parents.

Gotta dress to impress.


When your partner loves you so much *they* want to be your alarm clock.

We’ve all been there.


To your primary partner when they’re starting to talk to someone new.

Did you eat today?


When your love spans highs and lows.

Who needs a chair ever?


For your partner who just moved in.

Is it too late to move out?


For your favorite person to eat late-night snacks with.

It’s what love’s all about.


When you’re in your feelings, and you don’t care who knows.

When you know, you know.