7 HIIT-Style Treadmill Workouts

Get ready to sprint.

Trainers share their favorite HIIT treadmill workouts.


Doing HIIT treadmill workouts will take your cardio sessions to the next level, says Barry's trainer Andrew Nunez. Instead of running at a single pace, you’ll walk and run — sometimes on an incline — in spurts of tough efforts to improve your endurance. Here, 7 workouts to try.


90-Second Repeats

Running coach Claire Bartholic likes this routine to build strength.

- Start flat at brisk walk, 10 minutes.

- Raise incline 4-6%, run at medium-high effort, 90 seconds.

- No incline, walk 2 mins.

- Repeat pattern 4 to 10 times.

- Cool-down walk, 5 minutes.