Hinge's New Feature Makes It Easier To Explore Non-Monogamy

Here's how to use it.

What to know about Hinge's new relationship type feature.
Getty Images/Klaus Vedfelt

Although non-monogamy is not a new concept by any means, it’s certainly becoming more understood and accepted in the dating world. Millennials, especially, have come to embrace the idea of open relationships and ethical non-monogamy in recent years, with a poll by YouGov reporting that 43% of millennials consider some level of non-monogamy to be their relationship ideal. Online daters have become no stranger to this trend, as well — including Gen Zers who use dating apps.

According to a Hinge press release, the app found that 15% of its Gen Z users and LGBTQIA+ users are exploring the type of relationship they want, or are intentionally looking to engage in non-monogamy. This impacts several ways in which people use dating apps like Hinge as their preferred relationship style might not be compatible with everyone. And so, on Nov. 16, the dating app is releasing an update that allows daters the opportunity to display what type of relationship style they’re looking for right on their profile.

“Asking ‘What are you looking for?’ doesn't just mean, ‘Do you want marriage and kids?’ It stands for so much more, and Hinge wants to help users know if someone’s dating goals match theirs from the moment they look at a profile,” said Hinge’s director of relationship science, Logan Ury, in a statement.

If this piques your interest, read on for everything you need to know about Hinge’s relationship types profile update.

What Is The “Relationship Types” Hinge Update?

If you’ve ever been curious about exploring an open or polyamorous relationship, or if you’re already non-monogamous and looking to find new partners, you’re in luck: Hinge’s new profile update will let you shine a light on your preferred relationship style and find users who share that in common with you.

The “relationship types” profile option on Hinge gives users three different styles to choose from for their relationship goal: monogamy, non-monogamy, or “still figuring it out.” This feature will be available to all Hinge users starting Nov. 16, just in time for cuffing season. Users can also add a “backstory” to clarify their relationship type, explain their past experience with it, or share why they’re curious about it now. This means that it will also be visible on the profiles of others, so you can keep an eye out for other non-monogamous users while you’re swiping.

How To Add Your Relationship Type To Your Hinge Profile

According to Hinge’s press release, you can now log on to Hinge and add your relationship type to your profile by going to your settings and choosing your preferred relationship goal under “edit profile.” Once you choose either “monogamy,” “non-monogamy,” or “still figuring out my relationship type,” an optional text box will allow you to type out your “backstory” in your own words. From there, try striking up a conversation with someone who shares a similar relationship type or backstory — you never know where it might lead.