You Can Now Put Your Pet & Zodiac Sign On Your Hinge Profile

Connect with fellow air signs and/or pet parents.

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How to use Hinge's pet and zodiac sign profile feature.
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Are you an astrology buff using a dating app for an actual star-crossed lover? (Same.) Now, rather than having to go full-on FBI mode and crawl social media or public records to figure out your potential match’s sun sign, Hinge does the job for you. Also, pet lovers: If you’re tired of spending hours each week at the dog park waiting for Fido’s future co-parent to come around, try using the new pet feature on Hinge. Yep, you can now share your zodiac sign and pet(s) on Hinge.

In the “vital signs” section of your Hinge profile — the horizontal list that includes your age, location, etc. — you can now feature your zodiac sign and/or your status as a pet parent. This means you can (much more easily) figure out your astrological compatibility with potential matches and understand how someone’s cosmic characteristics might vibe with you. And dog moms and aquarium connoisseurs alike are able to denote their parenthood on their profile, right alongside their zodiac sign.

Even if you’re not a pet parent or you aren’t sure what all the fuss is about astrological compatibility, these features can provide some great starting points to connect with your matches, says Hinge’s love and connection expert Moe Ari Brown, LMFT. “For anyone looking for love, astrology can offer an insightful and fun way to explore commonalities and strengths that, when utilized well, can support building a lasting healthy relationship,” Brown said in a press release. With regard to the pet feature on Hinge, Brown said, “For many people, their pet is a central part of their everyday lives and activities — they consider themselves a package deal with their pets.”

Whether you’re looking for a co-parent your four-legged child or itching to link up with an air sign to ignite your fire element, here are all the details you’ll want to know about Hinge’s new zodiac and pet features — and Brown’s best tips for making the most of them.

How To Use Hinge’s Zodiac Sign & Pet Features

When you’re editing your dating app profile on Hinge, simply scroll down to the zodiac sign and pet options to share your own. Brown’s tip? For one, take advantage of these features by using your match’s cosmic traits as a unique conversation starter. He recommends considering the element behind their zodiac sign (air, fire, water, or earth) to tailor specific questions to their natural essence. You can ask a fire sign about their passions, or inquire about a water sign’s most nostalgic childhood moments — whatever it may be, you’ll be sure to get a better response to those questions than to the typical “Hey, what’s up”.

With the pet feature, Hinge allows for a little more animal representation than cats and dogs — you can even list a bird, fish, or reptile. You may just meet someone to enjoy your mini zoo with. To connect with other pet owners, Brown says that you can engage with your matches by asking them about the relationship they have with their pet. He also says that, if you make a plan to meet up IRL, you can casually ask them what their pet’s favorite treats are and bring them to your first date. Instant puppy love guaranteed.


Moe Ari Brown, LMFT, Hinge’s love and connection expert

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