The 99p Diffuser TikTok Is Obsessed With

Get your room smelling fresh and clean for under £1.

by Sabah Hussain
The 99p Diffuser TikTok Is Obsessed With

TikTok really can help you hack your life, from pretty much all angles. Recently, the app had us scrambling for the pink and blue ombré 99p water bottle. Now, everyone’s talking about TikTok’s latest bargain: a 99p diffuser that promises to create a serene ambiance in our homes. Many of us are in the Tik-Tok-made-me-buy-it portion of our lives (guilty!), so where can we buy it in the UK?

What Is TikTok’s 99p Diffuser?

It’s a small, compact, colour-changing diffuser that seems to do a lot of the same as diffusers out there that are much pricier. Videos showing users putting the diffuser together and using it have received hundreds of thousands of views already. The diffuser comes with the diffusing container, a USB wire, and a cotton swab. TikTok user @roachtech recommends soaking the cotton swab in the liquid for a better experience overall. Unlike other diffusers, it doesn’t come with a scented liquid to pour in, but can be used with your favourite perfume, or any other diffuser oil. Many TikTok users have described the diffuser as “amazing”, while others say if you buy the diffuser “you won’t regret it”.

TikTok user reviews the 99p diffuser.

How Do I Buy TikTok’s 99p Diffuser?

The 99p diffuser can be found on the TikTok shop. Open the TikTok app, and search “99p diffuser”, then swipe to the “Shop” tab. The product is called the “Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser”, and is available in pink, white, and black. The product usually retails for £3.99 (which is still a pretty good price), but TikTok is offering a 75% discount if it’s your first order on the app, which allows you to purchase it for 99p. Another version of the diffuser is also available for £1.99, but if you want the 99p version, be sure to select the right one. Delivery is estimated at roughly 7-10 days, but shipping is completely free.