The 99p Water Bottle TikTok Swears By

“It’s HUGE!”

TikTok Can't Get Enough Of This 99p Water Bottle
TikTok/Katie Hopkins

It doesn’t take long for a product to go viral on TikTok. Whether it’s Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Soft Pink Blush or people cutting up their UGGs, all it takes is one video to blow up for everyone to become obsessed. This time around, everyone is talking about TikTok’s 99p water bottle, which has been a permanent fixture on everyone’s For You Page. But where exactly can you buy it?

What Is TikTok’s 99p Water Bottle?

The 99p water bottle first went viral in January after TikToker Katie Hopkins (not that one) shared a video of the water bottle she purchased from the TikTok Shop, the platform’s new in-app shopping feature. The water bottle also has useful markers to remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day, featuring motivational phrases next to each hour, such as “don’t give up” and “keep going”, as well as affirmations such as “I love you” and “beautiful”.

In the video, Hopkins said she was “shocked with how good the quality is”, adding that she was able to purchase her pink and blue ombré water bottle for just 99p with free shipping. Her video has now amassed over 14.4 million views and counting. Some TikTokers expressed how shocked they were at how big the water bottle was, with most reviews on the TikTok shop praising the bottle for its “fab quality”. The water bottle is now one of the highest trending products on the social media app, with many fans sharing it on Twitter too.

“I’m this close to buying that damn TikTok water bottle for 99p. Who’s ordered it?” asked one user, while another said: “the tiktok water bottle is too good for 99p im enjoying it.”

How Do I Buy TikTok’s 99p Water Bottle?

The 99p water bottle is available to purchase on the TikTok shop. All you need to do is open the app, head to discover and search “TikTok 99p water bottle”. Then click the “shop” tab then follow all the steps to purchase the bottle.

If you can’t find it via discover, you can find the link at the bottom of Hopkins’ video. The bottle was originally being sold for £4.99 but is now available at 99p in various colours, including pink, blue, purple and orange ombré colours. The bottle also comes complete with a straw, a bottle cleaner, and a push lid. While shipping is free, delivery can take up to two weeks, according to TikTok reviews.

TikTok 99p water bottle
TikTok 99p water bottle